Friday, November 6, 2015

Ducky's Roti -- Excellent Caribbean Food in Long Branch

We all have them -- favourite neighbourhood take-out spots that are not quite restaurants (in fact, sometimes they have no seating at all) but are places we go for quick, inexpensive, and occasionally truly delicious fare. The best among these are almost hidden treasures that those "in the know" tell their friends about and that we go back to some cases for one specific dish/sandwich/dessert at which they excel.

Today we will look at a Long Branch, Toronto roti shop, Ducky's Roti, whose strip mall storefront location and total lack of decor might cause people to pass right by -- which would be a shame, as they are missing out on a real treat.

Ducky's has a fairly large menu, actually, that includes not only rotis, but also many rice dishes and sides as well. It has Caribbean standards like Oxtail, Ackee & Saltfish, and so on, as well as specials available only certain days, such as their excellent Curried Duck, and their Saturday morning Caribbean breakfast menu. While there is not a lot of seating, there is usually a table available. 

But as the name implies, their forte are their rotis, which run between $5-10, depending on ingredients and whether you are getting large or small. The roti bread itself is always perfect, as are the potatoes which are included in every roti option.

Stand-outs on the roti menu are the Boneless Goat Roti, the Vegetarian Delight and the Boneless Jerk Chicken Roti which is fiery and never dry. You can get their in-house hot sauce either in the roti itself or on the side. It is very hot, so be forewarned!

Veggie Roti at Ducky's
As with most take out places, a lunch or dinner, with a drink (non-alcoholic, they are not licensed), will not cost you more than $10-15. If looking for a really quick snack, try their wonderful "doubles", a terrific Caribbean street food that consists of curried chick peas (Chana) wrapped in a fried flat bread. These, as well, can be had with or without hot sauce and are a steal at $2.50.

Ducky's Roti is located at 3296 Lake Shore Blvd. W, about 5 blocks west of Kipling.

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