Monday, March 6, 2017

University of Calgary Conservatives plan to mark International Women's Day with a men's rights movie

The University of Calgary Conservative Party club has decided to team up with the campus Wildrose Party club to honour International Women's screening a movie praising the noxious anti-feminist Men's Rights extremist movement.


It is actually hard to imagine anything so unbelievably ignorant coming from a campus club affiliated with a major Canadian political party that has an interim leader who is a woman, but there you have it. The fellas (and as you will see they really do seem to be fellas) running this group apparently think it is acceptable to do this on a day meant to mark the ongoing struggle for women's equality in Canada and globally.

The movie they are screening is the notorious "documentary" that the Village Voice wrote a review about entitled "Warning: You Can't Unsee 'The Red Pill,' the Documentary About a Filmmaker Who Learns to Love MRAs". 

Keep in mind, again, that they are screening this on International Women's Day.

On the event page they are also promoting it with a screen shot that shows a woman who was the target of a years long, vicious and awful online hate campaign. 


Mind you back in October, 2016 the Conservative Club boasted on their Facebook page "Thanks to all of our club members for making U of C Conservatives biggest Conservative Campus club in Canada!!" and then proceeded to post a bunch of photos of club members (some with Trump t-shirts) which show a striking lack of gender diversity!

Apparently someone in the Wildrose group could not resist sending out an email saying "feminism is cancer" to help promote the event:

This certainly seems to be confirmed by the fact that they have a posted an apology for the email:

Of course, it would be odd to disavow the email given the documentary's content!

So, in the end one has to wonder, do the leaders of the federal Conservative Party and the provincial Wildrose Party think it acceptable for their University of Calgary campus clubs to screen this film on IWD?

The fact that they would even consider doing so says just what these club members think about women. 

Update: Since this was posted, the Wildrose Club has withdrawn from co-hosting the event according to CBC News. 

Update: The Conservative club has followed suit and pulled out of the event as well due to bad publicity surrounding the Wildrose email. But the question of why they would feel it was OK to screen this film on International Women's Day in the first place remains. 

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