Thursday, March 2, 2017

No Islamophobia! No White Supremacy! No Fascism! -- Take Action Saturday in Toronto

Far right Islamophobic group The Canadian Coalition for Concerned Citizens is planning marches across Canada this Saturday including at Toronto City Hall.

The Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia (OCAI), a coalition of groups, are organizing a critical counter-demonstration to fight back and make it clear that this group is not welcome in Toronto.

When: Saturday at 11 AM - 2:30 PM
Where: Toronto City Hall, 100 Queen Street West, Toronto

They released a statement regarding this action saying:
This statement was initiated by the Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia (OCAI), a coalition of community organizations dedicated to equity, and inclusion, who stand against fascism and white supremacy.
On Friday February 17th, Never Again Canada (NAC), the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC) and other white supremacist groups mobbed mosques across Toronto. They carried racist and white-supremacist signs and hurled Islamophobic abuse to the Muslims gathered to pray inside. This was not an isolated incident. This follows the wave of attacks against the Muslim community, most recently the arson against the Reign of Islamic Dawa, the Concordia University bomb threats against muslim students, and the Sept-Iles Mosque shooting.
We, the Organizing Committee Against Islamophobia (OCAI) call on the Federal government and our MPs to:
1. Condemn racists and fascists such as the Canadian Coalition of Concerned Citizens (CCCC), Never Again Canada, the JDL, Marine Le Pen, Donald Trump and others who advocate hatred based on race, religion and gender.
2. Repeal the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act and condemn Kellie Leitch and her open association with Islamophobic, white supremacist, and fascist groups.
3. Block the passing of the Preclearance Act which gives US border agents new powers to question, strip search and detain Canadian citizens on Canadian soil, and repeal the Safe Third Country Agreement, which prevents immigrants and refugees that have been refused entry to the US from entering Canada.
4. Officially protest and condemn the US government’s ban on Muslim and Latin American immigration and refugees, open Canada’s borders to immigrants and refugees being refused entry to the US as a result of the ban, and provide immediate asylum to those crossing the Canadian border on foot.
5. Condemn US, Canadian and allied policies of aggression, war and “regime change”.
6. Eliminate the Designated Country of Origin list, which makes it virtually impossible for US citizens and citizens of forty other countries from claiming asylum in Canada.
7. Abolish immigration detention, and give permanent residency status to undocumented workers and their families living in Canada.
8. Repeal the 2015 Anti-Terrorism Act, the anti-democratic and Islamophobic security state law Bill C-51, and abolish Security Certificates, secret trials, and no-fly lists.
9. Strengthen and enforce sanctions against police officers using excessive force, especially against Black, Brown, Muslim, Indigenous, Trans, and disabled communities.
10. Abolish the Government Operations Centre and stop “lawful access legislation” which allows online spying without a warrant or safeguards to rights such as covert, real‑time surveillance and access to personal or private information. This has been used in the past to spy on mosques and anti-racist groups and.
You can find out more information, all of the endorsing organizations, and follow developments on the demonstration on the event's Facebook page.

 No Islamophobia! No White Supremacy! No Fascism!

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