Tuesday, April 25, 2017

High Park cherry blossoms hit peak bloom -- a photographic visit

With photographs by Julia Laxer

This is the week that that annual Toronto ritual for so many occurs -- a trip to Toronto's iconic High Park to see the cherry blossom trees as they so spectacularly hit full bloom.

Last year's cherry blossoms were sadly largely ruined by cold weather. This year, however, the blossoms are back. While there is only a short window to see them, you should still have a few days.

Also terrific at the moment are the Forsythia which are gloriously bright and vibrantly yellow.

Expect big crowds of course. And big crowds of photographers both amateur and professional!

Not to be outdone, we went, camera in hand to capture some images for our readers.

Many of the photographs here were taken by 12 year old budding photographer and cartoonist Julia Laxer.

(Click on images to enlarge)

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