Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Ten myth-busting articles about the minimum wage in Ontario

"To increase the minimum wage would result in higher unemployment rates, especially among teenagers". Given the over-the-top anti-minimum wage propaganda of the business lobby in Ontario since it increased to $14/hour January 1, this type of "the sky is falling" argument probably sounds very familiar. But the quote is from the National Chamber of Commerce in the United States arguing against a minimum wage increase in 1977!

The same tired, old and false arguments have been made against the minimum wage over and over and over again and they are just as false now as they were in the past.

As January draws to close, and after an intense public campaign by forces on the right, here are ten myth-busting articles to help set the record straight.

Have minimum wage increases in Ontario demonstrably driven up inflation? No.

In the case of the Ontario $15 minimum wage the moral imperative is just as great as the economic

A report that analyzed every minimum-wage hike since 1938 should put a bunch of nonsense ideas to rest

The 1960s backlash over the minimum wage

Relax, Ontario’s minimum wage increase will not lead to massive job losses

Tim Hortons brew-haha shows how the fast-food industry doesn’t get PR, Economics 101, or what Canadians think

Media get it wrong on Bank of Canada minimum wage study

Why Tim Hortons doesn’t deserve your sympathy

If Denmark has no minimum wage laws, should Canada follow suit?

From minimum wages to homelessness, New Year's scenes from the class struggle in Ontario

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