Sunday, June 17, 2018

A Visit to the Soviet Crimea 1979 -- 26 Vintage Postcards

Printed in 1979 this postcard folder has 25 cards with views of Soviet Crimea. They are all panoramic cards and many of them have more than one image on them. There is a 26th card that was with the set when I got it, but that was not originally.

These photos are really terrific and capture a wide variety of different aspects of Crimea at the time.

From the truly impressive hotel/resort for the Young Pioneers (we looked at the Soviet Pioneers before in the post 11 Vintage Postcard Images of 1970 Kiev, Soviet Ukraine USSR), to the various harbour views, to the monument to the Leninist decree "On Using the Crimea for Medical Treatment of the Working People" (we have also looked at the remarkable Soviet health facilities for workers before in the post Trade Union Health Resorts and Spas of the Soviet Ukraine - USSR 1983) there is a lot to see.

I am particularly fond of the photo of folks at the cool looking bar in the Yalta hotel!

The road leading to Ai-Petri is also quite impressive.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Artek Young Pioneer Camp named after V I Lenin

Bounty of Crimean Nature

Gorny Sanatorium 

Yalta. Monument to Lenin

Yalta. Embankment. Monument to Anton Chekov.

Buildings of the Livadia Sanatorium

Crimean Poppies

Along the Crimean Mountain Paths

Yalta Harbour

Crimea. Ai-Petri Peak.

Alupka palace-museum. Main banquet-hall Winter Garden.

The Valley of Phantoms

Crimean Preserve

Yalta: Uzbekistan Sanatorium / Miskhor: Ukraine Sanatorium 

Yalta Monument to Lenya Ukrainka

Yalta: Obelisk in honour of Leninist decree: "On Using the Crimea for Medical Treatment of the Working People" / Alushta Embankment 

The grounds of the Alupka palace-museum

Uchan-Su Waterfall

Miskhor: "Swallow's Nest" Castle / Kastropol

Yalta: Soviet Square

Yalta Hotel

Frunzenskoye "Krym" Sanatorium

Alushta Rabochiy Ugolok

Road leading to Ai - Petri

Nikitsky Botanical Garden


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