Monday, September 3, 2018

Soviet Sochi 1972 - 30 Vintage Views

We took a look at a postcard folder of Sochi in the Soviet era on The Left Chapter before in the post Sochi 1978 -- A Postcard Visit to a Soviet Resort CityThe 1972 folder featured in this post is a larger one with 30 views of buildings and attractions around what was a Soviet resort town.

In 1972 the greater city had a population of around 250,000 though this would rise considerably during the summer when it was seen as a major tourist destination -- especially within the Russian SFSR -- due to its various beaches on the Black Sea and its attractions.

There are many interesting shots here including of the funicular railroad at the Voroshilov Sanatorium, the atmospheric night photos of the Lazurnyi Restaurant and the Primorskaya Hotel, the lovely Black Sea sunset and others. As one would expect there are a number of hotel and beach cards.

The postcards were meant for a domestic audience as they were only in Russian. I have translated the backs and provided the descriptions.

(Click on images to enlarge)

The folder's cover which is a photo of the Sochi Seaport

The Sochi Circus
All major Soviet cities had them.
To see a postcard post about the Soviet circus go to:

The Lazurnyi Restaurant

The International Tourist Camp Sputnik

The Primorskaya Hotel

 The Stadium

Railway Station

The Voroshilov Sanatorium
(Named for the Soviet General and one time People's Commissar for Defense)
Note the funicular railway which allowed direct access to the sea for visitors.

On the way to Matsesta

Hotel Leningrad

Caucuses Hotel

The Seagull Hotel

View of the resort of Hosta

Paddle Boats on the Black Sea


The Metallurgy Sanatorium


Entrance to the Arboretum

Boat Trip on the Black Sea

Main Post Office

Bus Station

Resort Prospect

Dendrarium Park

The Monument to N. Ostrovsky
(Famous Soviet author whose best know work was
"How the Steel Was Tempered")

Theatre Building

Paris Commune Sanatorium 

Sputnik Cinema

The Svetlana Boarding House


Youth Hotel


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