Thursday, April 9, 2015

1968's Japanese Cooking Cookery Cards with Sushi, Tempura, & more: Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Japanese Cooking, Sadako Kohno

Publication Details: Paul Hamlyn Publishers, 1968

A terrific and lovely set, this "cookbook" published for the British and American markets actually consisted of 24 oversized and very colourful postcards each of which had a photograph of the dish on one side and the recipe on the other.

The photos are all truly excellent and vibrant and it all came in in a packet that could be unfolded to read measurements conversions and a short introduction from the chef.

The cards covered dishes from lobster and seaweed soups, raw fish plates, Sukiyaki, chicken on skewers and others, as well as the five we are looking at today.

As a note, some of these recipes say to consult "Card 20" with reference to mirin. As we are not featuring Card 20, the card states "This is sweet wine. 1 teaspoon sugar added to 1 tablespoon sherry makes it taste like mirin".

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  1. My mum had this cookbook!. The recipes and the photos are burned into my memory. They're actually pretty authentic, with the notable exception of the mirin description.