Thursday, April 23, 2015

Running for the NDP in Scarborough in 2000...and striking a pose with Howard Hampton! Leftist TBT

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This week's Leftist Throwback Thursday is, I must admit, a totally personal one!

Pictured is a (much) younger (and lighter) me with then ONDP leader Howard Hampton at an NDP campaign office during the 2000 federal election campaign.

I was running in Scarborough-Agincourt under the Alexa McDonough led party at the time, but Howard stopped by the Scarborough Centre campaign office and I happened to be there. NDP activist Maureen Telford took the photo and, as was the custom for many still at the time (in the dark ages), mailed me a copy!

I was running against the anti-choice, anti-LGBT rights Liberal MP Jim Karygiannis who, sadly, has now brought his views to Toronto City Council after winning a seat in the last council election in 2014.  (You can read about his views in a piece I wrote for rabble).

It was a Chretien Liberal sweep over Stockwell Day...and I came a distant fourth.

Still proud I ran though -- in what were darker and harder days for a more principled party.

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