Thursday, April 30, 2015

Alberta's CCF - A Planned Future for the Farmer, Fisherman & Worker! Leftist TBT

With the NDP in Alberta, to the surprise of basically everyone, possibly on the path to an historic victory or historic gains in the provincial election on Tuesday, today's Leftist Throwback Thursday looks at a CCF election flyer from Edmonton!

This leaflet, for a post-war federal candidate, shows the CCF's emphasis on economic planning, security and justice and reflects it strongly socialist ideology at the time.

Despite the humorous fear-mongering of some right wingers, however, sadly the Alberta NDP of today (as well, of course, as its sister parties across Canada and nationally) are nowhere near this radical -- but their election would, never-the-less, reflect a real shift in the politcal leanings and traditions of what has long been seen as a bastion of conservatism.

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