Monday, April 18, 2016

The Communist Party of Manitoba -- A clear anti-capitalist alternative to the status quo

Tomorrow is election day in Manitoba, and the tired and very centrist NDP government seems to be headed to defeat after nearly a generation in power.

While we are always told in circumstances like this that there is no choice but to vote for the NDP as the alternative is worse, it is hard to see any reason to be terribly enthusiastic about Selinger and crew.

After all, among many other examples, child poverty has grown during the NDP's time in power and the minimum wage there is lower than it is in Ontario which has a Liberal government.

To say that the experience of seeing such a long tenure in government that accomplished so little of a transformative nature puts the lie to the notion that if only we get the NDP into office the rest will follow, would be an understatement!

But, at least in some ridings, there is an alternative.

The Communist Party has fielded six candidates on an excellent and genuinely anti-capitalist platform and they deserve consideration and support.

Voting Communist sends a clear message rejecting the politics of neo-liberalism and the status quo, and there are precious few ways to do that anymore.

The Communist Party candidates in Manitoba are:

Frank Komarniski -- Point Douglas
Darrell Rankin -- Transcona
Andrew Taylor – Minto
Paula Ducharme – Fort Rouge
Tony Petrowski – Burrows
Cheryl-Anne Carr – Logan

To see their full platform and for more details visit their website:


  1. Thank you for the nod and compliment!
    Darrell Rankin

    1. Thanks for running such a principled campaign and on such an excellent platform.