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Ulyanovsk -- 18 Soviet Postcards of the USSR Tourist Destination and Lenin's Birthplace

Printed in 1987 this was a packet of 18 postcards of various attractions around the Soviet city of Ulyanovsk which is situated on the Volga River nearly 900 kilometers east of Moscow.

Ulyanovsk's claim to fame during Soviet times was that it was the birthplace of V. I. Lenin who was, of course, born Vladimir Ulyanov. As a result the city was renamed from the original Simbirsk in 1924. Ironically Simbirsk was also the birthplace of Alexander Kerensky

Ulyanovsk was a major tourist destination while the USSR still existed and there are postcards that show three of the Ulyanov family's residences from the 19th century that had become museums.

The cards have text in Russian and English.

In a couple of the photos you can also see the Tatra T-3 tramcars that were manufactured in Czechoslovakia during the Communist era and that were noted for their exceptional reliability. They were used in cities across Eastern Europe and the Soviet Union.

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D.D. Minaev St.

House of Soviets

Sculptural Ensemble:
Maria Aleksandrovna and her son Volodya 

Monument of I. N. Ulyanov
(Lenin's father)

The obelisk on the mass grave of Red Army soldiers
who perished in the battles for Simbirsk

Monument of N. M. Karamzin

The I. A. Goncharov Regional Museum of Local Lore
Regional Fine Arts Gallery
Monument of I. A. Goncharov

Regional Puppet Theatre

Venets Hotel

View of the city

House of Technology

The I. N. Ulyanov State Pedagogical Institute

Square of the Victory's 30th Anniversary

At the berth of the boat station

The house where the Ulyanovs lived 1870 - 1871

The house where the Ulyanovs lived 1871 - 1875

V. I. Lenin's Home Museum decorated by the Order of the October Revolution
The house where the Ulyanovs lived in 1878 - 1887

Monument of V. I. Lenin

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