Sunday, March 6, 2016

Tenemos Familias -- The Bernie Sanders campaign ad that stands up against racist economic exploitation

The Bernie Sanders campaign -- which had already gone where other campaigns were to afraid to in its advertising --  has released a new one that confronts head on the terrible exploitation of agricultural workers and workers from Latin American countries that happens in the United States.

In an election where the Trump campaign is openly using racist and bigoted rhetoric to demonize Mexicans and Latinos, Sanders stands up clearly for justice and equality for workers of all backgrounds.

This represents an important moment and statement in North American political history and is, again, unlike any political ad you have ever seen.

It is powerful, deeply moving and says things that need to be said and says them bluntly.

His campaign has never ceased to surprise, amaze and inspire and it has been a very long while since a campaign did that. It is breaking the rotten mold of North American crass, pandering, "middle class" politics -- everything that cynical, liberal politicians like Clinton represent.

"How many more Immokalees are there? How many fields or factories are there? We have to ask ourselves ‘who benefits from this exploitation?’ And to understand that it is not only the Immokalee workers who suffer but every worker in America because that pushes us in a race to the bottom."

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