Sunday, March 13, 2016

Victoria 2's Communist Flags Revisited!

Submitted by Nathaniel Laxer

Victoria 2 is a grand strategy game created by Paradox Interactive where players can take the reigns of a nation or territory in the Victorian era and lead it to greatness or wherever the player's goals lie.

In a previous post I looked at some of Victoria 2's communist flags ,but I missed other interesting ones so without any further ado... more communist flags!!!

You can get these or any ideological flags in Victoria 2 by transitioning your government to the specific ideology. This is done by either letting rebels from the ideological group take control of your capital and install a government, or by electing a government of the ideology of your choosing and reforming the government into that ideology's form of government (i.e: electing a Communist government and changing election rules in order to transition to a proletarian dictatorship.)

In a future post we will be looking at a Victoria 2 mod -- one that allows you to create 50 American Communist states, each with their own flag!

Nathaniel Laxer is a 14 year old gamer who lives in Toronto. 

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