Thursday, May 7, 2015

Update: The NDP and Bill C-51 -- Amend or repeal?

So after an epic period of rhetorical equivocation it does appear that the NDP understands, despite some odd claims to the contrary, that there is actually a difference between amending Bill C-51 and repealing it.

While this tweet posted above from NDP HQ distorts the historical record, as the Greens actually opposed it before the NDP and have in far stronger terms, it is still very good and very important news, given that the NDP is the Official Opposition.

There were rumors this announcement was coming all day. While Tom Mulcair himself still has yet to say it, it would appear to be the newly stronger NDP position.

This shows the importance of keeping up pressure against opportunist and facile attempts to appear to play both sides and of standing up against the rhetoric and excuses of the partisan hacks.

No longer is solely a highly defensive (at the time) Randall Garrison saying it at a town hall meeting.

It would appear highly likely that The Greens played a very big roll in pushing the NDP's hand with petitions and memes like this:

At any rate, better late than never!


  1. Perhaps you're being 'nitpicky' on whether the NDP intend to amend or repeal. An overview ( of the NDP's 32 amendments in committee suggest even if the NDP were to amend Bill C-51, they'd gut the dangerous invasive provisions and use the Bill in Name to fix existing problems (created by Harper) in lack of oversight of CSIS and to add anti-terror community outreach.

    Unless you could point out shortcomings of the cumulative NDP amendments at committee, isn't it irrelevant whether Mulcair intends to amend or repeal.

    Further the NDP introduced two motions to effectively kill Bill C-51 in 2nd and 3rd reading in the House of Commons. It's reflective of the party's strong position against Bill C-51.

    1. Well...since they do now seem to be calling for the Bill's repeal...if you are right, what difference does it make...and if I am right, what difference does it make?
      The end would result would be the same. I think this language matters-- you may think I am overstating that--but if they have adopted this language then the good news is that we can now agree to agree!