Sunday, August 23, 2015

Lying pieces of shit and other follies from week three of the 2015 election -- A Left Chapter round-up

This is the third installment of our weekly election round-up of the inane, bizarre, humorous and unusually facile in the great show that is mainstream bourgeois politics in the EPIC election of 2015.

1) Old Conservative white guy acts exactly like an old Conservative white guy

At this point I think this fella needs no introduction. And he has likely produced the highlight of the entire election! Mind you...had he been talking about the Harper government, he would have been pretty spot-on. 

2) With friends like these...

Great news everyone!

3) Really Mark?

4) Margaret Thatcher...a model for "making sure that the public gets the best services possible."

So what do you do if you are the leader of a...ummm..."social democratic" party and someone digs up an old quote of you praising that noted leftist Margaret Thatcher? Well if you are Tom Mulcair you double-down of course and try to explain that what you were talking about was "good public administration" and "making sure that the public gets the best services possible". 

Because as we all know this was what Thatcherism was all about!


5) She had temper tantrums when she was two as well you know!


Despite what she said in her apology, being a teenager at the time she made these comments was, in fact, an excuse!

Are we really going to go down the rabbit hole of digging up mean or foolish shit people said on social media when they were kids and teens?

Because if we are basically no one in the generation coming of age on social media, who is not the most boring person on Earth, is going to be able to run for anything at all.

Thus ends our third look at the Grand Farce. See you next week!

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