Thursday, August 27, 2015

Robert Carrier's Cookery Cards w. Vitello Tonnato, Saltimbocca all'Alfredo & more -- Vintage Cookbook #TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Robert Carrier's Cookery Cards

Publication Details: Thomas Nelson, 1966

This week's installment has two of may favourite things -- postcards and food!

For a time publishers released sets of "cooking cards" that would have a photo of the dish on one side and the recipe on the reverse. These were usually the size of a standard postcard and we looked at another example before, 1968's Japanese Cooking Cookery Cards with Sushi, Tempura, & more. 

What is terrific about this format is that they were sturdy and easily portable, meaning it was no problem to bring with you to the grocery store so that you could make sure you got everything you needed.

Today we are going to take a look at a set of cards made by famed sixties chef Robert Carrier who wrote award-winning cookbooks that aimed to bring "haute cuisine" to the masses!

These cards feature some excellent recipes that range from the relatively easy to the more gourmet.

This set had twenty cards. In this post we will look at the first ten cards -- you can look forward to a future post with the other ten!

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