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May: Bill C-51, the "Men's Rights Movement", taxes & more -- The month on The Left Chapter in review

From: Tom Mulcair, the NDP & Bill C-51: Committed to a full repeal!
May was another busy month with 40 posts of various kinds on The Left Chapter.

Here are the top five posts, in terms of hits, for the month of May. For the first time so far, it includes a tie with two posts having an exactly equal number of hits as of 2 p.m. today. There was also an unusual circumstance, where one post from March would have made the top five, so we have included a link to it as well!

1) Tom Mulcair, the NDP & Bill C-51: Committed to a full repeal!

To date the story of Bill C-51 and the NDP has been one of somewhat contradictory messaging around the issue of whether or not, if elected, they would amend the bill or repeal it entirely. While some MPs said one thing to the party faithful in a variety of contexts, the leader of the party said something quite different on Global Television and these contradictions were never, until yesterday, publicly reconciled.

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2) Dan Perrins, CAFE & Canada's Men's Rights movement

A sticker has been appearing on lampposts and mailboxes in my west-end Toronto neighbourhood of Etobicoke (and, presumably, in other neighbourhoods as well). On it a website called is listed below the claim that "Almost 80% of all suicides are men" and above the slogan "Men Matter".

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3) Trudeau outmaneuvers Mulcair on taxing the wealthy

Back when Linda McQuaig was running for the NDP in a federal by-election, NDP leader Tom Mulcair could not have been more clear that he opposed personal tax increases of any kind and on anyone -- from me to Conrad Black and all points in between!

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4) "Men's Rights" group CAFE is trying to march in Pride Toronto: You can help stop them!

The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), Canada's most prominent "men's rights" group is trying, again, to march in Toronto's annual Pride parade.

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5) Tie: Love in the time of Bill C-51 Submitted by Aidan Monis

Last night, as part of our weekly tradition, my Dad and I yelled at each other about politics. The topic at hand was Bill C-51, the recent legislation put forward by Stephen Harper in an effort to “combat terrorism,” which you surely recognize as a euphemism for “destroying freedom of expression and human dignity.” Canadians of all political stripes (including many with whom I mightily disagree on other issues) have expressed their intense distaste for the bill. The arguments for opposing the bill have been well-documented elsewhere, so I won’t really speak here about the nuts and bolts of C-51. In the spirit of the oh-so-clever title of this piece, I would rather say a few words about its emotional impact.

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5) Tie: Update: The NDP and Bill C-51 -- Amend or repeal?

So after an epic period of rhetorical equivocation it does appear that the NDP understands, despite some odd claims to the contrary, that there is actually a difference between amending Bill C-51 and repealing it.

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Although it was written and posted in March, the piece Is NDP MP Randall Garrison right that Tom Mulcair will repeal Bill C-51? suddenly began getting a high enough number of hits that it would have been the second place piece overall this month had it been written in May! This stopped as soon as Tom Mulcair announced that the NDP would, indeed, repeal the bill.

The top food blog for the month was Natalie Lochwin's uncovering of Stephen Harper's Mom's Bran Muffin Recipe from 1979.

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