Sunday, May 19, 2019

Saturday, May 18, 2019

Conrad Black is still a convicted criminal, he has been exonerated of nothing

Guess what Conrad...the fact that delusional bigot Donald Trump pardoned you after your sycophantic fawning changes nothing.

You remain a convicted criminal. 

A presidential pardon is not an exoneration of a crime in law it is a forgiveness of it. And in this case it was entirely due to the solidarity of and between members of the wealthy criminal class.

Eric Sussman who was the lead prosecutor in the case against criminal Conrad Black relates
President Trump, however, feels no embarrassment in his use of presidential power to benefit his wealthy friends and no need to wait for his final days in office to exercise it. Rather than rely on a recommendation from his Department of Justice, President Trump has offered a list of celebrities who have vouched for Black’s character, including Elton John, Rush Limbaugh, and Henry Kissinger. President Trump appears to revel in his unfettered use of power, and openly mock those who are stupid enough to play by the rules or embrace frivolous notions of procedure and justice.
I am saddened at the pardon of Conrad Black because it lays bare the fact that justice in Donald Trump’s America is unapologetically linked to who you know and how much money you have. Many could fairly say this has always been the case, and at least President Trump isn’t trying to pretend otherwise. A similar sentiment was frequently on display by Black, who believed he should be commended for openly embracing greed and shunning the laws that tried to control it.
The pardon of Conrad Black doesn’t simply represent the victory of greed, power and wealth over bedrock principles of justice, it is an open and unapologetic celebration of this victory. As a spectator to this colossal defeat of justice, I am saddened.
Seriously, give it up Conrad. 

Viktor Koretsky, Communist Poster Artist b. May 18, 1909

Glory to the Great Soviet people – Builders of Communism

Born in Kiev on May 18, 1909, Viktor Koretsky is one of the great political poster artists of the 20th century. Koretsky grew to adulthood in the early days of the Soviet revolution and became an artist well known for his political work in the 1930s. 

With the invasion of the USSR by the Nazis in 1941 he turned his considerable talents to producing some of the most iconic and intense posters of the period. After the war he produced many anti-imperialist and anti-racist posters. He died in 1998.

Peace, Friendship, Solidarity -- No to Fascism!
Viktor Koretsky, USSR 1977

Red Army Soldier, Save Them! - 1942

High Park cherry blossoms are in bloom -- The Left Chapter makes a photographic visit

Photography by Natalie Lochwin and Michael Laxer

On Friday we returned to High Park in Toronto for what is a lovely annual spring ritual for many city residents -- going to view the cherry blossom trees in full bloom. This only lasts for a few short days.

This year's blossoms have been teasing for several days and going to see them has been hampered by bad weather. But Friday's weather was perfect and the trees were spectacular. The good news is that Toronto is expecting good weather for most of the long weekend and the trees should remain well worth the visit to see.

So if you are in Toronto, be sure to head out and see them before it is too late. Here are photos of our trip with many of the blossoms and some other High park features such as a beautiful magnolia tree, Mr. Toad and a goose family portrait.

(Click on images to enlarge)

Hello Mr. Toad

Family Portrait!