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Monument to the Soldiers and Defenders of the City, Hero City of Novorossiysk, USSR, 1979 -- Daily LIFT #138

Monument to the Soldiers and Defenders of the City, Hero City of Novorossiysk, USSR, 1979 -- Daily LIFT #138

Monument first erected in Novorossiysk in 1961 to honour the courage and sacrifices of the people of the city in the fight against the Nazi invaders and occupiers. The city would later be designated as a Hero City of the USSR.

To learn more about the hero cities see the posts Second World War Hero Cities of the USSR w. photos and text Part I and Part II.

Che on lookout duty, Bolivia, 1967 -- Che Photo #29

Che on lookout duty,  Bolivia, 1967 -- Che Photo #29

From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.

Prosciutto and Swiss Roasted Chicken Thighs w. Mushrooms

If you are fond of the flavours of Chicken Cordon Bleu but are not feeling like Gordon Ramsey on an average weeknight this recipe combines Swiss cheese, prosciutto cotto and sauteed mushrooms with chicken and is spectacularly easy.

This method works best with chicken thighs. I like using bone-in, skin on thighs for an extra level of texture and flavour, but you can use boneless and skinless if you wish.

Place your thighs on a shallow roasting pan lined with parchment paper. Brush them with a little olive oil and then season them to taste with sea salt and black pepper.

Place the chicken in an oven preheated to 450 degrees. Roast for 25 minutes on the middle rack.

Meanwhile, saute around 2 cups of sliced mushrooms seasoned with sea salt and black pepper to taste in some olive oil for around 5-7 minutes over medium-high heat. Set aside.

After 25 minutes remove the thighs from the oven keeping the oven hot.

Top each one with a slice of prosciutto cotto and then Swiss cheese cut to fit. You can use any ham you like but I like prosciutto cotto because it is lean and flavourful. Then top each with some of the sauteed mushrooms.

Put the chicken back in the hot oven and cook for another 10 minutes.

Remove and let sit for 5 minutes before serving. Remember, if you are concerned Health Canada recommends cooking chicken pieces to an internal temperature of 75 C. / 165 degrees F. at the thickest part.

Melted cheese and prosciutto with sauteed mushrooms over seasoned roast chicken in just a few easy steps.


For another one pan cheesy chicken dish see: Crispy Pan Roasted Parmesan Chicken

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Che in disguise in Bolivia, November 1966 -- Che Photo #28

Che in disguise in Bolivia, November 1966 -- Che Photo #28

The first known photo of Che in Bolivia. Amazingly, that is him on the right in disguise. He had entered the country using a fake passport posing as an Uruguayan businessman after altering his appearance in several ways to, among other things, look older.

From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.

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Wage Freezes and Concessions Benefit One Person Only...Your Boss -- Daily LIFT #137

Wage Freezes and Concessions Benefit One Person Only...Your Boss -- Daily LIFT #137

Cartoon from the 1970s. Nothing has changed.

A different look for Che -- Che Photo #27

A different look for Che -- Che Photo #27

Che just prior to leaving Cuba for the last time. Undated, but likely early 1965.

From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.

One Potato, Two Potato w. Potato Bread, Lemon-Custard Potato Pie, Salmon-Stuffed Baked Potatoes & more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: One Potato, Two Potato - Janet Reeves 

Publication Details: Nimbus Publishing, 1987 and 2002

If you are a fan of potatoes, this cookbook is a dream come true. Written by a PEI native, needless to say, it is a celebration of spuds, how to cook with them and their history.

The book starts with sections like "What is a Potato" and "The History of the Potato" and includes charts, cooking times and even profiles of things like the Potato Museum in Washington DC, which is sadly no longer around.

The many, many recipes of all types each include potato in some way and show how remarkably diverse the uses it can be put to are.

There are potato cakes, cookies and candies in addition to classic mains and a large array of salads and baked potato recipes. As a result you get everything from Potato Chips Cookies to Cabbage and Potato Soup.

Here we have shared at least one recipe from each section, often accompanied by little bits of potato trivia and charming illustrations.

 (click on scans to enlarge)

4 Tweets tell the tale of another week in the life of the NDP

Singh seemed to know who John Horgan was here!
What a week it has been so far for the wonderful folks in Canada's "labour" and "workers'" party, the NDP. And not just federally and in British Columbia, but in Ontario and Alberta too! 

There are many highlights -- from John Horgan's continuing embrace of colonialism and RCMP violence to pander to the energy corporations, to its federal MPs voting to pass Trump's North American free trade deal -- but four standouts from twitter deserve prize winning mention.

Mr. Singh and the Pacifist CEOs:


Seriously, really? The CEOs want "peaceful de-escalation"? We all know how Bay St. and Big Business absolutely NEVER supports police action against Indigenous people and workers, except, of course, all of the countless times they have!

As "Drapeau Rouge" pointed out, Singh, yet again, also forgot that this fine fellow exists:

Keener Ian Arthur Thrilled to be Hanging with Business Scumbags!

Ah look...Ian Arthur, NDP MPP for Kingston & the Islands and the NDP Environment Critic hanging with the anti-worker, anti-human bottom feeders at the Ontario Chamber of Commerce. The NDP, in its desperate quest for bourgeois respectability can't seem to get enough of them.

You might remember that Andrea Horwath went to their big party back in 2018, right after the OCC and Rocco Rossi had just gotten finished successfully lobbying Doug Ford and his stooges to rip up Bill 148 that granted new rights and protections to workers in Ontario and that was to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

Good times.

On twitter Arthur calls himself a "Climate emergency advocate". Know who aren't? Any of the people in charge at the OCC.

Alberta NDP Loving the Petro Police State:

This one rather speaks for itself. Just when you think Notley and crew can't go any lower, they prove you wrong. It is a bottomless pit.

Ontario NDP Strikes Again:

Is there anything more craven than acknowledging that something is dangerous and a bad idea but then refusing to oppose it? In NDP land it is par for the course.

Support Ontario midwives in their fight for pay equity

After a seven year legal fight against the Ontario government, the Association of Ontario Midwives (AOM), won a landmark victory after the Ontario Human Rights Tribunal ruled Monday that for the last ten years they have been subject to gender based wage discrimination. The tribunal has ordered that the government close the pay gap that saw the wage ceiling for midwives capped at around 65% of what a community health physician could make. They also ordered that the government provide compensation and back pay to midwives for the discrimination.

Instead of doing so, however, the Ford government is "reviewing the decision" and a spokesperson told the CBC "Ontario has applied for judicial review of the Tribunal's decision on liability and will be applying for judicial review of the Tribunal's decision on remedy".

Midwives and the AOM are calling on the government to do the right thing and stop fighting them in court. AOM president Elizabeth Brandeis noted "Closing the gender pay gap for midwives is a better option compared to spending tax dollars and resources continuing to battle midwives in court".

As part of their campaign to pressure the government, on Friday, February 28 midwives will be holding rallies at the offices of Conservative MPPs and hand-delivering them letters "urging government to close the gender pay gap for midwives by implementing the tribunal's orders."

You can show support by joining with them in your community and by sending an email in support.

It reads:
I am deeply concerned the Ontario government is choosing to spend my tax dollars on protracted legal battles fighting midwives in court. The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario has issued a landmark ruling ordering government to close the gender pay gap for midwives. I don’t think it is right to discount the work of midwives because it is work associated with women.
As an Ontario voter I am asking you to be a public voice for implementing the tribunal orders instead of continuing to battle midwives in court.  
You can change the wording if you wish. Fill out and send the email now at:

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"It's easy to cut human services if you don't see human suffering" -- Daily LIFT #136

"It's easy to cut human services if you don't see human suffering", American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees anti-austerity cartoon, USA 1977 -- Daily LIFT #136

Che inspects a Soviet satellite at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow, 1960 -- Che Photo #26

Che inspects a Soviet satellite at the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy in Moscow, 1960 -- Che Photo #26

From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.

TTC plans to eliminate the subway guard and when people hear about it they are not happy

Did you hear the news? After raising fares and hiring more goons, trying to shame riders with idiotic, condescending new fare evasion posters and admitting that the Eglinton LRT construction  is running way behind schedule, it turns out the folks running the TTC are planning to get rid of the subway guard position on subway trains.

According to the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 113, which represents more than 12,000 TTC workers, "Toronto Transit Commission riders will be at much higher risk if the TTC follows through with its plan to eliminate one of the two crew members on a subway train."

In a press release today they note that: addition to ensuring riders enter and exit the train safely, the guard provides a crucial set of eyes scanning the platform, watching for people being harassed or attacked, for lost children, for people with mobility issues or for distressed individuals who appear suicidal.
Guards have intervened to stop the train in cases where a passenger has fallen into the gap between the subway and the platform and is in danger of serious injury. Guard interventions have also rescued passengers from assaults by ensuring police are called to the scene. In the case of medical emergencies – on the platform or inside a moving train – guards are first responders.
Some passengers choose to ride in the back car where the guard is located since the presence of the guard helps deter aggressive or unruly behaviour. Perhaps most importantly, guards are trained to lead an emergency evacuation of passengers through a darkened tunnel where there is a live third rail, in the event a train is stranded due to a fire, a power outage or other threat to public safety.
The TTC is doing this even though it has done it before with less than stellar results:
One-person crews have been in operation since 2016 on the less-travelled Line 4 Sheppard Line – and the results raise serious safety concerns. There has been a significant increase in red light violations by train operators – not surprising since these operators are responsible for not just driving the train but also opening and closing the doors while carrying out all other duties related to passenger safety.
Red light violations are extremely dangerous. They occur when a train fails to stop at a red light signal, proceeding despite the presence of something or someone on the track.
The union has been trying to raise public awareness about the plan and, unsurprisingly, when the public hears about it, they don't like it:
In a new poll by Mainstreet Research, two thirds of all Torontonians disapprove of TTC management's plan to reduce subway crews by eliminating the subway guard position. Close to six in 10 say it is "extremely/very important" that Torontonians agree with any plan to reduce crew sizes, while more than eight in 10 Torontonians (84%) want meaningful public input into TTC safety planning.
 And apparently all of this is only likely to save around three cents a ride.

The TTC strikes again.

Canada squanders over $1 billion preparing to build ships -- No more bankrolling bloated corporate boondoggles!

Back in August 2019, I took a look at how it seems that there is always money to bail out major corporations and pander to corporate interests -- as when the Trudeau government instantly found $4.5 billion to buy the Trans Mountain Pipeline -- yet meeting basic human needs is somehow deemed unaffordable as in the case of building desperately needed housing in Nunavut.

Now we learn that the feds have also squandered over $1 billion dollars during the last seven years in what amounts to massive corporate welfare around the building of new frigates and supply ships for the Canadian navy. CBC News revealed that this staggering sum was spent "design and preparatory contracts" and was split between two private companies, "Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax, the prime contractor for the new frigates, and Seaspan of Vancouver, the builder of the supply ships."

Not a single ship, at this point, has been built. That will be costing us all many billions more.

Astoundingly, "Irving Shipbuilding was given $136 million to support the drawing up of the design tender for the new frigates and to pay for the shipbuilding advice Irving was giving the federal government throughout the bidding process". This is for ships that Irving was awarded the contract to build!

Despite us being sold a line for decades now how inefficient and unnecessary the public service is, it turns out that "Years ago, the federal government had enough in-house expertise to dispense with private sector guidance — but almost all of that expertise was lost over the past two decades as successive federal governments cut the defence and public works branches that would have done that work."

Better to just hand over all that money to private companies to advise us in how to get them to build us ships, right?

Meanwhile, of course, we are regularly told that the money simply is not there to fast track the building of public housing through a national housing strategy, or the creation of universal pharma or dental care, or any number of other human projects that don't excite Bay St. or CEOs in Calgary, Halifax, Vancouver or wherever else they may be found.

$23 million of that 163 would surely have been better spent on upgrading the water system for the Oneida Nation of the Thames whose people have been under a five month long boil water advisory and where an entire generation has grown up having to drink bottled water.

Their non-Indigenous neighbours just down the road have not had any drinking water issues at all.

It really is time to stop handing out billions of dollars to private interests to bankroll bloated boondoggles -- with little serious public oversight of how the money is spent  -- on projects that magically seem to cost more every time we look.

If the public money is there to endlessly subsidize or directly fund pipelines like Coastal GasLink or Trans Mountain, or to spend over a billion just to prepare to build ships, then the money is there to dramatically improve the lives of people in communities across the country not just in some mythical distant future, but right now.

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Che and Yuri Gagarin share a laugh, Moscow -- Che Photo #25

Che and Yuri Gagarin share a laugh -- Che Photo #25

Wonderful photo of Che and Gagarin. It is not dated but is likely from 1964 in Moscow. Gagarin, in addition to be being the first person in space, of course, was also president of the Soviet-Cuban Friendship Society.

From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.

Trumpeters of the First Mounted Army, M. Grekov, 1934 -- Daily Lift #135

Trumpeters of the First Mounted Army, M. Grekov, 1934 -- Daily Lift #135

One of Grekov's last works, a celebration of the Red Calvary during the civil war. Grekov, who died that year, was a very popular artist in the USSR who often painted military themed works. After the Second World War and the sacrifices of the Red Army in that conflict, an art award was named in his honour and a museum of his work was opened in his former house in Novocherkassk.

A Bit of a Mess - Hellworld #4

Nathaniel Laxer returns with Episode 4 of his new podcast Hellworld.

In this episode, he takes another look at the racism surrounding many reactions to the coronavirus, the ongoing resistance in Canada to the invasion of Wet'suwet'en territory and the recent victories of Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primaries.

If you missed it, the third episode, Feudal Brain, looked at Wet'suwet'en and at the phony "philanthropy" of billionaires like Jeff Bezos and why there is nothing admirable about it.

Watch for future episodes.

You Tube:


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Che in Red Square, Moscow, 1960 -- Che Photo #24

Che in Red Square, Moscow, 1960 -- Che Photo #24

From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.

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Lenin's City is the Most Literate City in the World, Soviet Literacy Poster 1931 -- Daily LIFT #134

Lenin's City is the Most Literate City in the World, Soviet Literacy Poster 1931 -- Daily LIFT #134

Soviet poster noting the great strides in Soviet literacy rates and the achievement of 100% literacy in Leningrad placing it above Berlin and London as the world's most literate city. The banners celebrate the cultural revolution that literacy was a cornerstone of, the fight for literacy, and call for the achievement of full literacy across the USSR.

The eradication of illiteracy was one of the great early achievements of Soviet socialism.  In many regions there had been a literacy rate of virtually zero and some did not even have standardized writing. Within a generation of the revolution this had all changed.

Teachers change kids' lives: An Open Letter to Doug Ford, Premier of Ontario, and Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education

To Premier Ford and Minister Lecce,

My name is Aidan Monis. I'm a 27 year-old secondary school teacher in Toronto District School Board. I'm currently teaching at an Adult Day School in Scarborough. I'm writing to you today to add my voice, such as it is, to the current often-confusing fray around your government's plans for Ontario's education system. I will leave the cost-benefit analysis, hard numbers, and political manueovering to other, more qualified individuals. Instead, if you've got the time, I'd like to tell you a story.

I knew a boy once (who I'll call Robert) who was having an extraordinarily hard time in school. He often felt left out, ignored, uncared for, disaffected. Now, as anyone who has read "Catcher In The Rye" can tell you, this is not exactly unique to Robert. Having been a teenager not so long ago, I can certainly attest to the many growing pains of adolescence. Once he hit Grade 11, Robert started to perform more and more poorly in school. As his grades dropped, his parents and teachers began to take more of an interest in Robert. You know the drill - a teenager making comments about how "nothing I do at school even matters," parents wondering where they went wrong, the whole nine yards. As the year went on, Robert withdrew further and further into himself. It's sad to say, but thoughts of self-harm even began to enter his mind, which had never been there before. This is an all-too-common mindset for many of our beloved young people, as you surely know.

Enter Mr. F., a young, unconventional music teacher. Robert had heard about Mr. F.'s "weird" music classes in grade 9 and 10, and while he was confused at some of the stories he'd heard, he basically felt "eh, why not?" He was already turned off of school, so yet another pointless class didn't seem like such a big deal. Thankfully, Robert had never been more wrong in his life. Every day in Mr. F.'s music class felt like paradise! Here was a man who played with great Canadian musicians, who loved a lot of the same music that his students did, who helped those same students find and explore their own passions! Robert, who to this point had struggled with intense self-loathing and fear, began to express himself. It was a sight to behold! This quiet kid, who nobody paid much attention to, who had never really asserted himself at all, had something to say musically! And he began to help others do the same.

Now, it wasn't anything that Mr. F. did for Robert, specifically, that really made the difference here. Rather, it was Mr. F.'s mode of *being* in the classroom. I've talked to many students of this teacher, and have heard DOZENS of stories similar to Robert's. Mr. F. is so kind, so open-minded, so compassionate, such a good listener! He's such a positive role model (especially for disaffected young men like Robert)! And above all, he helps his students believe in themselves.

As most readers have likely figured out by now, that boy, Robert? He's me.

It would be impossible to overstate the influence of Mr. F. on my personal, musical and professional growth. I must admit that I don't know if I'd even be alive today if I hadn't met him. Like any great teacher, Mr. F. demures endlessly when I lavish praise on him like this. At the very least, I would never have found my life's true calling, which is working with the passionate, intelligent, (sometimes slightly frustrating!) young people who walk through the halls of our high schools every day. The ones from whom I learn so much more than I could ever teach. The ones who, when their parents send them to my classroom, become, for just a little while, "my kids."

The specifics of the many teachers like Mr. F. change - different ages, subjects, backgrounds, politics, and life experiences. What does NOT change, however, is an uncompromising belief in the absolute best in our students. I have no illusions that every single student in Mr. F.'s music class responded to him the way that I did. But my hope, and my sincere belief, is that all students find at least one or two teachers to truly bond and grow with. Maybe it's the biology teacher, or drama, or business, or auto shop. Maybe it's all of them! But please remember, Minister Lecce and Premier Ford, that every teacher in this province is somebody's Mr. F.

Yours sincerely,

Aidan Robert Monis, OCT

Aidan is a 27 year-old music teacher and musician from Toronto. He likes jazz, beer and social justice.

Che visits Lenin's Mausoleum, 1960 -- Che Photo #23

Che visits Lenin's Mausoleum, 1960 -- Che Photo #23

From a collection of Soviet archival photos of Che. The Left Chapter will be doing a daily series of these often unusual Che photos from this archive over the month of February -- some with quotes and history.

Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada, Wet'suwet'en, Ontario Protests & more -- The Week in News and Opinion February 16 - 23

This week's list of articles, news items and opinion pieces that I see as a must if you are looking for a roundup that should be of interest to The Left Chapter readers.

This list covers the week of  February 16 - 23.

The round-up of international left news is presented in sections related to topic/region listed alphabetically except for the Featured Article post and a large sections related to the Bernie Sanders Nevada win and  Wet'suwet'en Solidarity Actions & News at the start.

Featured Article:

Stop using the ‘rule of law’ as a weapon against Indigenous peoples

"Until Canadians and our governments start seeing the rule of law through the lens of colonialism and recognize the lopsided, inequitable and hypocritical ways in which it has been deployed, there will be no justice for Indigenous peoples and no peace for Canadian’s colonial institutions."

Bernie Sanders Wins Nevada & Other Primary News:

Bernie Sanders Won Nevada. In 10 Days, He Could Make It Very Hard For Anyone To Catch Up.

After the Nevada Blowout, It’s Bernie’s Party Now

MSNBC in 'Full-Blown Freakout' Mode as Bernie Sanders Cements Status as Democratic Frontrunner

Members Of Nevada's Largest Union Defied Their Leadership To Support Bernie Sanders

Sanders Doubles Down, Blasts Israeli Government as ‘Right-wing and Racist’

Bernie Sanders calls Saudi Arabia's rulers 'murderous thugs'

Twitter suspends 70 accounts posting identical pro-Bloomberg content

Bloomberg Has Already Spent $450 Million On Ads Since Launching His Campaign


Bloomberg quietly plotting brokered convention strategy

Bloomberg is the Equal Evil

Wet'suwet'en Solidarity News & Developments

Breaking: RCMP close outpost on Wet'suwet'en territory while continuing patrols

Since RCMP violently invaded our territories, police have been monitoring and patrolling Unist'ot'en land 24 hours a day. RCMP continue to deploy from a police detachment on Gidimt'en territory that was built against the will of our Hereditary Chiefs.

The Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs, Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and B.C. Civil Liberties Association say the exclusion zone implemented by the RCMP was unlawful. This response is authored by the RCMP Civilian Review and Complaints Commission.

B.C. environmental agency puts portion of Coastal Gaslink pipeline on hold

Trudeau says rail barricades 'need to come down now,' rules out sending in soldiers to restore rail service

Wet'suwet'en hereditary chiefs will maintain blockades despite headway in B.C.

'We're not going to talk with a gun pointed at our heads' | Chief Woos

The rule of law is ‘racist’ says Mohawk law professor Beverly Jacobs

The breathtaking hypocrisy of the howls for “rule of law”

Former treaty negotiator accuses B.C. government of 'picking their Indians' in Wet'suwet'en conflict

'Shame on them': Dene National Chief condemns police use of force on Wet'suwet'en territory

Liberals postponing planned tabling of UNDRIP bill because of blockade crisis, says Mohawk chief

Regina protesters tell Andrew Scheer to check his privilege in latest Wet’suwet’en rally

Check your white male privilege Andrew Scheer

Partial rail blockade in support of Wet'suwet'en Hereditary Chiefs erected in Saskatoon

Rally held downtown in support of Wet’suwet’en hereditary chiefs (Toronto)

Secwépemc Sacred Fire joins nationwide protests with rail blockade near Chase

Protest outside B.C. premier's home amid Wet'suwet'en dispute leads to 3 arrests

Indigenous Rail Blockades Could Become Flashpoint For Far-Right Activity

Indigenous Peoples Report Racism Surge as Wet'suwet'en Rail Blockades Grow

Conservative Leadership Candidate Peter MacKay Endorses Vigilante Justice To Deal With Protesters

Who will be on the hook if the largest private-sector investment project in Canadian history hits the rocks?


- Petition: Statement of Solidarity for Wet’suet’en & Unifor & Condemnation of Police Suppression

- Petition: Open Letter in Solidarity with Wet'suwet'en Land Defense

An estimated 8,000 -10,000 people just SHUT DOWN and occupied major intersections of downtown Toronto along Bloor street in solidarity with Wet'suwet'en land defenders and water protectors!


International trade union federations seek ILO intervention to stop persecution of Algerian activists


Bangladesh' shipbreaking yards continue to claim lives


Morales' Candidacy in Peril as Electoral Body Ponders Ineligibility



Trudeau promotes mining exploitation in Africa

Cabin seized by Sask. govt 'integral' to trapper's way of life, First Nations leaders say, urging its return

Online petition calling for inquiry into Colten Boushie shooting gets thousands of signatures

Court documents allege premier, others knew of plan for 'unconquered people' argument (Nova Scotia)

Supporters cheer N.S. mom charged in rough arrest, as plea date set over

As the TTC scolds riders for fare evasion, other cities experiment with a novel concept — free fares

Central, South America and Caribbean:

US Prevents Medical Supplies From Reaching Cuba

Brazil Court Rules in Favor of Fired Petrobras Workers on Strike

IMF: Argentinian Debt 'Unsustainable', Economic Crisis Deepens

Protests Continue in Dominican Republic

Correa Returns To Ecuador To Register His Candidacy

Mexican Radio Journalist Murdered in Ciudad Juárez


Chile: Chief of Police to Be Questioned Over 30 Lawsuits

Chile: 3,765 Injured,10,000 Detained Protesters Since October

Climate Emergency:


Yukon First Nations declare climate emergency


Colombia: 46 Social Leaders, 10 Ex-FARC Members Killed in 2020

Violence Persists in Colombia: Another Ex-FARC Member Murdered

Colombia's Communist Party reiterates struggle commitment


World is approaching coronavirus tipping point, experts say


Italian dock workers refuse to resupply Saudi ‘weapons’ ship

Communist Party of Greece Leader Koutsoumbas: ND Will Pay for the Demolition of the Social Security System

Why Syriza’s Defeat Still Haunts the Left


Thousands upon thousands of people have taken to the streets of Paris and other French cities as part of another nationwide strike against Macron's neoliberal pension reforms.


Far-right AfD faces exit from Hamburg parliament after election flop

9 killed in suspected far-right attack in Germany

German far-right party AfD accused of fuelling hate after Hanau attack

'Who is there to protect us?' Far-right murders in Hanau spark anger and fear

On Hanau’s streets, shocked migrants fear causes of the attack run deep

Ideas / History:

W.E.B. Du Bois exposed capitalist and colonialist roots of white supremacy

New Zealand:

New Communist Party of Aotearoa seeks to blaze a new trail in New Zealand


Thousands gather in Niagara Falls to protest Ontario PC government

Ontario PC party apologizes after security guard blocks CBC's Mike Crawley during live TV report

Security company says guard who blocked CBC News camera was 'instructed by the PC party'

'We're all in it for the kids': Education unions lead thousands in job action at Queen's Park

Ford government's claim of spending '$1.2B more' on education doesn't add up

- 'It's not just teachers': The forgotten workers in Ontario's school strikes

Developer With Links to Fake Parents’ Group Lobbied Ford Government Following Anti-Teacher Attack Ads

Layoffs Loom As Ontario PCs Test Privatizing Job-Search Services

Canada steps into 'Ring of Fire' debate with Ontario Premier Doug Ford

Porn and Prostitution:

The Ugly Truth Behind Pornhub's 'Year In Review'


Spain bans layoffs over sickness in first step to roll back labor reform

United Kingdom:

UK to close door to non-English speakers and unskilled workers

Patel admits her new immigration rules would have excluded her own parents from coming to Britain

Jewish Chronicle to pay damages over anti-Semitism libel

The new socialism of fools

Over 600 workers in Amazon's warehouses have suffered serious injuries, union finds

No socialist should vote for Keir Starmer

United States:

Greyhound to stop allowing immigration checks on buses

Federal Judge Finds US in Contempt for Deporting Minors

Target Warehouse Workers Rally To Become First Location In U.S. To Unionize

Walmart Workers Demand Fair Pay And Hours At Protest In NY


What is the 'boogaloo?' How online calls for a violent uprising are hitting the mainstream


Venezuelan Heroism Defeated Last Year's Invasion: Maduro

- US War Criminal Elliott Abrams Goes After teleSUR As Part of Regime Change Plot

Maduro Announces Measures to Defend Venezuela’s Oil Industry

Spanish Parliament Rejects Juan Guaido as Venezuelan President

- 'Bolivarian Shield 2020' Successfully Completed In Venezuela

Mistrial is Another Blow to US Coup in Venezuela