About The Left Chapter

The Left Chapter is a website created by Michael Laxer that shares news, blogs, events, videos, fiction & poetry and food writing from a leftist perspective.

Contributions from all leftist perspectives are welcome and can be sent to theleftchapter@outlook.com. If you are having an event that you would like us to share or want your website added to our "Sites of Note", please email them to this address.

If you are interested in republishing anything here, please contact us at the above email as well.

"This website came out of years of separate blogs and writings. After the election I found that all of the different blogs I was involved in were simply too much to keep going!

I have written political blogs, cooking posts, fiction & poetry, etc, as well as co-authoring pieces and posting guest blogs, recipes and what not. There is a lot of content there from the past several years and I thought it worthwhile to put it all in one spot!

Over the next while I will be adding past content (as well as new content of course), link lists centred around specific topics to past content, links etc...at least several items a day. It should be rather eclectic!

Be sure to check in regularly!"


  1. I just found this blog and I think it's great.

    Here's a suggestion and a plea.

    White or light text on dark background is super hard on the eyes. I have not googled this in years. But I'm sure I looked into it before. (Remember all the old school white on green computer monitors? They burned people's eyes out.)

    Although I have a high interest in what's here, it's honestly hard to read more than a paragraph before my eyes begin to physically hurt.

    I suggest switching the settings so something more easily read.

    1. Hi...just noticed this comment.

      I have changed the backgrounds based on feedback like yours. (About a month ago now). Hopefully it works better for you.

      Please feel free to leave any further feedback and thanks.


    2. I just turned seventy Michael, and didn't see the other font. I've got some app that gets me black, anyway. I just want to say I only stumbled on your site and when I found it, I said "We aren't dead yet." Thank you for your efforts. How do I get this thing to you? I'm at rksmith0@shaw.ca and I'll try anything that works below.

  2. Michael,

    I just became aware of this site a couple of days ago. You've spent a lot of time and effort creating the digital archive of left pamphlets you display. And providing them to all is a great service.

    However... speaking as a dedicated digital archivist myself, who has personally scanned and provided on line hundreds of thousands of pages of socialist and communist periodicals (on Marxists.org) ... newspapers and journals and pamphlets printed mostly between 1912 and 1974, published mostly in the USA... one thing I find about your site puzzles me greatly:

    I see no means by which one can download the scans you have posted here. Perhaps I'm missing something in your interface on the web page?

    But it seems to me that the first thing anyone (who themselves embraces socialist principles) who is dedicated making left material available on line would do is be sure any and all can download it to their computer, simply and easily.

    This for many reasons: (1) To make the archive able to exist on countless un-listed computers around the world, so that it cannot be destroyed ["preservation"]. (2) To allow folks the ability to read the material when not on line, and search it in ways they desire with their own tools [convenience in using digital info].
    (3) To allow the information... in part or in whole... to be shared freely by all, either by copying the data for a friend or reposting it on another web site. THe way left information SHOULD be available freely, and for free sharing, by all around the world. [digital archiving in accord with socialist principle].

    You can see some of my own efforts at digital archiving left material at this page:


    [This is the work I've done archiving with a special emphasis on high quality rendition of leftist political art. It's about 5% of all of the digital archiving of mine up on Marxists.org, but the material I enjoyed scanning most and am most proud of in some respects.]

    I'd much appreciate either being enlightened on how to download the pamphlets presented on this web site, or learning why you elected to not make them freely available.


    Director, Riazanov Library Digital Archive Projects