Vintage Photography

11 Vintage Postcard Images of 1970 Kiev, Soviet Ukraine USSR

Visit the USSR - A look at the Soviet Union in the late 1960s from Intourist (w. photos)

A Trip to the Carpathian Mountains in Soviet Ukraine, 1973

Trade Union Health Resorts and Spas of the Soviet Ukraine - USSR 1983

Palanga -- A 1970s Trip to a Soviet Baltic Resort

Covered Bridges of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine -- A Vintage Postcard Folder

The Rent Collection Courtyard Sculptures -- From feudal oppression to Communist revolution in China

Soviet Tomsk Streetscapes, Institutes and Monuments -- 17 Vintage 70's Postcards

Visiting the 1933 Chicago World's Fair - A Vintage Postcard Folder

Souvenir Views of Toronto, Canada - Vintage Postcard Illustrations from the 1940s

Leningrad During the Days of the War and in Peacetime -- A Photographic Exposition of Resistance, Victory and Reconstruction

Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy USSR -- Photos 1968

Russian Art Objects in Tin - 16 Vintage Postcards

Kharkiv 1975 -- A Vintage Soviet Postcard Folder

Dimitrovgrad 1985 - A Soviet Postcard Folder of the City and its Sights

Ulyanovsk -- 18 Soviet Postcards of the USSR Tourist Destination and Lenin's Birthplace

Greetings from Hoover Dam - A 1950s Vintage Trip

Velikiye Luki USSR 1977 -- Streetscapes and Monuments

Havana 1978 -- 18 Streetscapes and Vistas

Sochi 1978 -- A Postcard Visit to a Soviet Resort City

Vintage Vegas 1958 - A Colour Postcard Folder of the Classic Hotels

A Postcard Trip to a Soviet Circus

Leningrad 1977 -- A Vintage Postcard Folder

The Minsk Tractor Plant USSR 1970s Part II - Technology, International Ties and Lives of the Workers

Moscow 1971 - 32 illustrated postcard images in colour and black-and-white

Soviet Simferopol Vintage Postcard Folder 1978

The Minsk Tractor Plant USSR 1970s Part I - History, Models and Technology

A Trip on the 1980 Moscow Metro - Part II

Soviet Estonia - 1970

Toronto Working Class and Immigrant Life 1910 - A Photographic Exposition

A Trip on the 1980 Moscow Metro -- Part I

Fidel Castro 1926-2016 w. Photos from Revolutionary Cuba 1975

Vintage Postcard Folder of 1970s Riga, Latvia

Vintage 1970's Soviet Postcard Folder of the Streets of Volgograd (Stalingrad)!

30 Vintage Streetscapes of Estonia in the 1980's

31 Vancouver Vintage Black-and-White Streetscapes 1880-1960

18 Black-and-White Toronto Vintage Streetscapes 1860-1974

20 Vintage Streetscapes of Toronto, Hamilton, Scarborough, Ontario Place & More

26 Incredibly Evocative Photos of 1956 Soviet Moscow

20 Vintage Toronto Streetscapes of Yonge St, Yorkville, Kensington Market & More! (Plus one bonus one of Oshawa)

Souvenir Folder of Thousand Islands N.Y. -- 1950 Style

Grandpa takes the kids on a 1976 Toronto trip to the original Captain John's!

11 More Vintage Streetscape Postcards of Toronto, Etobicoke, Hamilton & Oakville

10 Vintage Toronto Postcard Streetscapes (and one bonus one of Port Credit!)

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