Anti-MRA Links & Resources

My partner Natalie Lochwin & I have been involved in the fight to expose the dangerous, growing and misogynist hate movement that is the Men's Rights Movement. Below is a list of links to articles I have written or we have written together about this. After that is a list of links to other resources. These will be updated as appropriate.

For regular updates join our Facebook page: A Voice for Men & Women who Support Feminism & Oppose the MRA

Other Resources/Articles:

Men’s-Rights Activism Is the Gateway Drug for the Alt-Right

Feminist says LCBO privacy breach fuelled flood of online hate

There is no gender symmetry when it comes to domestic violence

Warning: You Can't Unsee 'The Red Pill,' the Documentary About a Filmmaker Who Learns to Love MRAs

Janice Fiamengo to White Nationalist Talk Show Host: Men are Living Under a ‘Feminist Version of Sharia Law’

Canada occupies unique space in 'manosphere' of extremist violence


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  2. I'm looking at the background here and assuming you imagine yourself to be a Marxist or sympathetic to Marxism. You realize that if you think "misogyny" and "white supremacy" are explanations for particular historical outcomes, this would make you a historical idealist, not a materialist, right?

    It would make you literally the opposite of a Marxist and put you on the same side of the debate as religious conservatives and other bigots regarding the most important question in Marxism. Marxism by definition denies that belief systems determine historical outcomes. Existing historical outcomes and our experience of them determine beliefs systems.

    Also, We Hunted the Mammoth is essentially a tabloid. It's infotainment, hardly a resource. We're supposed to read it and indulge in our outrage and disgust in the same way conservatives are supposed to when they listen to right wing talk radio. It's about turning people into the other, not engaging with critics or their ideas.