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Ulan Bator 1976 -- 18 Vintage Images of the Mongolian People's Republic Capital

State Drama Theater named after D. Natsagdorj
Mongolian Socialist writer and poet who died in 1937

Printed in 1976 this postcard folder contained 18 images of the capital of the Mongolian People's Republic, Ulan Bator (now called Ulaanbaatar).

At the time the city had a population of around 400,000 and accounted for almost 1/3 of the population of the country. After the People's Republic was proclaimed in 1924 the city (which at the time was quite small) was renamed from Bogdiin Khuree (or Urga to Westerners). The new name meant "Red Hero".

Mongolia fought on the side of the USSR against the Nazi invaders including sending volunteers who served in the Red Army as well as various war materials and weaponry -- which is why included here is a photo of the "T-34 Tank Monument in Honour of the Mongolian Revolutionary Tank Brigade that Reached Berlin".

The city went through rapid development in the post-war period. Many of its larger projects around housing and industrial expansion were made possible by assistance from the Soviet Union.

There are a number of interesting things to see here from the mountain top monument to Soviet Red Army soldiers who died fighting for the revolution in Mongolia in the early 1920s, to the State Circus building, to photos of the Independence Obelisk and the State University.

The folder was printed in Russian and aimed at Soviet tourists. We have translated the text to show what each photo is of.

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Monument to D. Natsagdorj

Central Exhibition Hall

Peace Avenue

House of Peace and Friendship

Anti-Religious Museum

New Housing District

State Opera and Ballet Theater

Khorloogiin Choibalsan State University
(Named after the country's leader from 1930s to 1952)

State Circus

Mountain Hotel

Monument to the Soviet Soldiers Killed in the Battles for the
Creation of the Mongolian People's Republic

Independence Obelisk

T-34 Tank Monument in Honour of the Mongolian Revolutionary
Tank Brigade that Reached Berlin

Palace of Pioneers Named for Lenin

Government House

Museum of the Revolution

Lenin Monument

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