Vintage Communist/Socialist Leaflets

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs! - J. B. Salsberg MPP Labor-Progressive Party (Communist Party) 1950

Soviet Estonia - 1970

In South Vietnam US Biggest Operation Foiled Tay Ninh (February-April 1967)

The Yugoslav Peoples Fight to Live -- Josip Broz Tito 1944

You and Your Future - National Federation of Labor Youth c.1952

How to Conduct a Union Meeting - UAW CIO Education Department 1945

Who Wants War? Labor-Progressive Party 1950

Smash the Klan -- Riverdale Action Committee Against Racism 1980

Free Transit, Social Housing, Democratizing City Hall & more -- The NDP's 1969 Toronto Municipal Program

B.C. Needs a New Economic Policy - Communist Party of British Columbia 1980s

When Canada and the USSR were friends -- The 1944 programme of the Second Annual Congress for Canadian-Soviet Friendship in Toronto

Labour and Struggle (1960) - Technology, Innovation, Art and Popular Resistance in Chinese History

Health Insurance Now! - A look back to before universal health care in Canada

A Program for Vancouver by Alderman Harry Rankin - 1960s

Miller goes to Metro 1994 - Leftist Throwback Thursday

Laxer, Lewis and Watkins sitting in a tree!: Leftist Throwback Thursday

Leftist Throwback Thursday: 1963's Four Canadians Who Saw Cuba

Leftist Throwback Thursday: I.W.W. Songs of the Workers

A New Party for Canada - Proposed Programme 1960

Great Moments in Socialist Propaganda #1: Towards the Dawn

Win With J.B. Salsberg...and Robert Laxer! -- Leftist TBT

1946's "Canada on the Threshold of a New Era" - A Speech by Tim Buck: Leftist Throwback Thursday

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