Thursday, July 2, 2015

1974's Classic Canadian Cooking with a Summer Porterhouse BBQ Menu -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Classic Canadian Cooking -- Menus for the Seasons by Elizabeth Baird

Publication Details: James Lorimer & Co., 1974

Classic Canadian Cooking - Menus for the Seasons is a terrific look at rustic, mid-century Canadian fare and is centred around a really clever idea -- it is set-up as a series of seasonal menus.

It has over three hundred recipes all of which are arranged with other recipes as part of a large, cohesive meal. So, for example, there is a spring "Easter Dinner", a fall "Roast Loin of Pork with Thyme Dinner" (as well as, needless, to say, a Thanksgiving menu), a winter "New Year's Buffet", etc. In all there are over 30 themed menus of this kind.

The recipes are really good, with generally widely available and seasonal ingredients, and are presented in an easy to read format without too much glitz and with small charming illustrations throughout. It is also very much a cookbook that reflects the sensibilities of the seventies -- or, at least, of seventies cookbooks!

As, of course, it is now summer, we will be sharing a summer menu -- and, as my readers know, being a fan of both BBQ and steak, I have chosen a BBQ steak menu! It has options for two salads (though I suggest the Hellfire salad, which is terrific) and a variety of desserts.

Down the road, this cookbook may make a reappearance. It has a Thanksgiving menu, as I noted above, and it is one that is pretty hard to beat!

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