Friday, March 17, 2017

The backlash against Niki Ashton from anti-Black Lives Matter commentators is what is really off base

Are people really attacking Niki Ashton for taking down a meme due to an objection from Black Lives Matter Vancouver? Apparently, in yet another example of misplaced and wasted outrage serving a right-wing narrative about the chimera of "political correctness", they are! 

Ashton has said that she regards the Black Lives Matter movement as an inspiration and an example, and, in that context, when there was an objection made to something her campaign had done by activists in Black Lives Matter Vancouver she acted as one who really meant this would and showed respect by simply deleting the meme instead of trying to dispute their sentiments or pick a fight about it.

This seems pretty logical and reasonable to me and all the sighs and raised eyebrows on the left are a bit puzzling. I expect that from the right, but her desire to show solidarity does not strike me as something worthy of taking the time and effort to critique even if you do not fully agree with it.

I mean seriously, I just don't get it. She has publicly stated she wants to be an ally to the BLM movement, so why would she not reflect this by listening to what they have to say?

What, exactly, is anyone on the left objecting to?

This is a non-issue and was totally up to her and her campaign. What principle is allegedly at stake or has been violated by her campaign's decision?

I think she should be proud of being willing to put the views of others ahead of her own minor campaign slogans, which is all this was. We are not even talking about policies or platform questions, simply a meme.

At any rate, she was then pilloried not just by some lefties who should really know better, but also by all the usual "anti-politically correct" folks on social media in idiotically over-the-top ways. In my books though, if Men's Rights apologist hacks like Robyn Urback are making fun of you, then you were almost certainly right to do what you did.

Remember that, as always, so many of those quick to get on a bandwagon like this also felt that Pride Toronto was wrong to ultimately support the BLM Toronto demand of keeping the police out of the Pride parade. They simply oppose the BLM activists and their movement and tactics altogether and usually deny that the reality of systemic racism and that the concerns and demands that flow out of this movement are in anyway valid. They are looking to do this as part of a broader campaign of making the concerns of racialized communities and activists appear frivolous.

It is simply a bonus if some lefties play along.

Ashton dealt with objections raised by a BLM group in a respectful and reasonable way. This does not deserve criticism but rather praise and manufacturing an "issue" out of it is a textbook example of trying to portray making an effort to be receptive and open as a weakness and a 'capitulation' when it is really a strength and a sign of commitment to her own self-proclaimed ideals.

Good for Niki Ashton.

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  1. You lost me with the support for BLM. They are racist and inflammatory. As long as we focus on colour, religion and other such factors we fail to acknowledge we are all one in the human race.

  2. That is an absurd, outrageous and offensive comment that displays a staggering lack of understanding about the reality both now and historically of how systemic racism against people-of-colour works.

    Anyone wondering why racism is so prevalent need only look to a totally oblivious and puerile pseudo-liberal comment like this one.

  3. Timely and true. Thank you, Michael!

  4. I was disappointed by Ashton's response. BLM Vancouver took an indefensible and reactionary position. Being an ally should not mean having to turn off your brain and acquiesce to extremely problematic ideas. By taking down her post - and with the comment she posted in relation to taking it down - she effectively endorsed and gave credence to the idea that one cannot quote or use as inspiration song lyrics by someone of a less privileged race. Perhaps even more than that, by saying she is taking the post down because she is "committed to a platform of racial justice" she is sending the message that this it what is required to be committed to that platform. Which is also BS.

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