Friday, November 27, 2015

20 Vintage Toronto Streetscapes of Yonge St, Yorkville, Kensington Market & More! (Plus one bonus one of Oshawa).

A great view of A&A and Sam's!
As anyone who follows this blog knows, I am a big fan of both vintage postcards and streetscape photography. I am especially thrilled when I find examples of these two things combined.

Two previous times a South Etobicoke antique/vintage store called Treasure Hunt yielded some prize rewards of examples of the two combined -- and local examples at that.

And now, again, I have found more incredible postcards there. So here are 20 more vintage Toronto postcard streetscapes (as well as a CNE view) and, as an added bonus, one of Oshawa!

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A truly remarkable view as it shows the CN Tower while still under construction!

From the back "Take a daytime or evening stroll along Bloor Street West in the heart of Canada's second largest city, and so to Markham St., where the bright colours of "olde world" shops beckon." 
Back, of course, when Toronto was still a smaller city than Montreal.

I love this shot and the modernist CN train design.

This one is an artist's rendition of what was the city's tallest tower at the time.

From the back: "Elizabeth St. in downtown Toronto is the centre of Chinatown and the location of the annual Dragon Mall, a fascinating pot-pourri of food, entertainment and Cantonese culture". 

Yonge St.

Back when Yonge St, was pedestrian only. From the back: "Exciting boutiques, fashionable shops, fine foods as well as fabulous entertainment, make downtown Yonge Street the focal point for fun and excitement" 

Yorkville when it was still a hippie hangout!

Kensington Market

I love this photo which has an almost film noir feel to it. 
The bus depot...a generation ago.

Hippie Yorkville again. Note the couple sitting outside their apartment window on the ledge with their baby!

As a bonus...a vintage Oshawa postcard with a view of downtown, St. George's Memorial Church and, of course, the North Main Office of GM at the time!

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