Friday, November 13, 2015

Souvenir Folder of Thousand Islands N.Y. -- 1950 Style

Released in the late 1940's/early 1950's for the growing tourist trade visiting the area, the "Souvenir Folder of Thousand Islands N.Y." is a lovely little keepsake that unfolds to drop down a long row of connected full colour illustrations. The idea was that you were supposed to mail the whole packet to yourself or someone you wanted to share memories of your trip with -- you know, long before instant shares via cell phones and even before personal ownership of cameras (remember those) was widespread.

I am particularly fond of this illustrated folder as I find the small illustrations whimsical, evocative and very charming. I love the almost technicolor tones and the really atmospheric night scenes. I find they capture the essence of the place and time better in many respects than most photographs would.

So here is a trip back to the 1950 Thousand Islands as they should have looked!

Why is this man standing upright alone in a boat at night? Who knows?

My fave of the collection. Beautifully evocative. 

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