Tuesday, December 1, 2015

November: Andrew Coyne, Mulcair's NDP, Non-violence and Islamophobia -- The month on The Left Chapter in review

November saw the least number of posts in The Left Chapter's short history with only 20, though it also had the blog's highest number of total hits for any month so far.

While all of the top posts did very well, the first post in terms of hits truly struck a nerve and had the second highest number of hits of any piece on the Left Chapter to date.

Without any further ado the top five posts in terms of hits for the month of December were:

1) Reinforcing male privilege -- The Trudeau cabinet, Andrew Coyne and the mythology of "merit"

You really have to love it when the beneficiaries of the greatest social assistance program in the history of Western Civilization and Canada -- the one that did and has rewarded white men for having been born white men since the day the country was founded -- talk about "merit" to bemoan newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's decision to make his cabinet have an equal number of men and women, thereby reflecting the actual gender composition of the country.

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2) Mulcair's NDP ran a great campaign! We know this because they say they did

By Fraser Needham

It has now been almost three weeks since the NDP suffered a devastating loss in the 2015 federal election and the party remains shell shocked as to what exactly went wrong.

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3) As Liberals and Conservatives look for success, Mulcair NDP embraces failure

By Fraser Needham

The NDP has become a very funny organization these days.

And by this I mean funny “strange” and not funny “ha ha.”

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4) Non-violence -- There is a way to stop the cycle

In a world so full of anger, oppression, hate and counter-hate, so full of racism, misogyny, homophobia, bigotry, so full of the disasters of nationalism and the extremism of ideology, it is always seen as somehow naive or utopian to point out that at some moment, somewhere, the cycle of violence has to end.

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5) North America's wave of Islamophobia -- This is what the start of fascism looks like

This has been a week where the pretence of civility, acceptance and  multi-cultural tolerance has been challenged in North America not just by the usual suspects that are the forces of right wing reaction, but as well by those who call themselves progressive and who should know better.

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The top food post for the month was "Slow Cooker Sausage Lasagna"

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