Sunday, December 13, 2015

Diner Style Breaded Pork Chops in Gravy

Today we will take a look at a comfort food classic -- breaded and deep fried pork chops smothered in a rich gravy.

To make this dish buy "fast-fry" thin cut chops. I made 10 chops for this recipe. They can be either bone-in or boneless, it does not matter which.

For the batter you first need to put 3 eggs into a bowl, season with salt and pepper to taste and 2 teaspoons of mustard powder and blend thoroughly. Meanwhile, on two separate plates or two broad bowls place around a cup each of bread crumbs and self-raising pastry flour. I like to use self-raising flour instead of regular flour as it gives pork chops a very satisfying texture.

To batter the chops you need to first dredge the chops in the flour, then in the seasoned egg wash and then in the breadcrumbs. You want the chops nicely and evenly coated with each.

Once this is done, heat around two inches of vegetable oil in a deep and wide frying pan. When it has reached a high enough heat for frying (this will take a few minutes) you put in the chops in batches (do this carefully -- hot oil splashes can be both dangerous and painful!) and deep fry them for around 1 minute a side, turning once.

You do not need to cook fast fry chops for longer than this! Longer than  this will overcook them. Remove the chops, holding them for a few seconds over the oil to allow excess oil to drip off,  and set aside on a platter with a lining of paper towel on the bottom. After removing the chops the batter will darken quickly to a nice golden hue.

After you have cooked all your chops, either cover to keep them warm or put them in the oven set at minimum.

Safely and carefully discard the oil from your frying pan. No need to rinse or wash clean. To the pan over medium heat melt 1 knob of butter  Add 1 clove of chopped garlic, 1 crumbled dried sage leaf, 1 /4 teaspoon of white pepper, 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper, 1/3 teaspoon of mustard powder, 2 pinches of cayenne pepper and 4 tablespoons of flour into the melted butter mixture to make a roux. To this add 1/3-1/2 of a cup of milk, gently stirring it in as you pour it. Then add 1 cup of already boiling water.. Stir again thoroughly. Finally, if you have it, add about 1 tsp of Vegeta seasoning. This will add a saltiness and richness to the gravy. If you do not have Vegeta add salt to taste.

Bring this all to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for a few minutes, stirring regularly until the gravy reduces and thickens to your liking. Add a bit of water if the gravy is too thick.

Strain the gravy! This will produce a smooth gravy, without any grittiness.

Plate the chops and pour the gravy over them. This dish goes very well with a side of egg noodles, mashed potatoes and some toasted rustic bread or garlic bread.


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