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Bernie Sanders, the Ghomeshi Verdict, the Calgary Police & more - February and March on The Left Chapter in review

The months of February and March saw 40 total posts of various kinds on The Left Chapter and very strong numbers from our readership!

The posts were very diverse, ranging from Toronto writer A.M.'s  powerful "Open Letter" to American Democrats to 14 year old Nathaniel Laxer's revisiting of the Communist flags of the game Victoria 2, from a trip back to the Mimico of the turn of the last century to a look at some stunningly evocative photos of Soviet era Moscow in the 1950s.

Without any further ado, here are the top six posts, in terms of hits, for the months of February and March.

1) It's Not Over -- Bernie Sanders releases campaign ad unlike any you have ever seen

Yesterday, the Bernie Sanders campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination released a campaign ad unlike any you have ever seen.

There has never been a political ad for the candidate of a mainstream party like this in either the United States or Canada ever. Period.

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2) Jian Ghomeshi's acquittal and the systemic misogyny of the justice system

As many have suspected would happen, Jian Ghomeshi was acquitted today.

The verdict, sadly, is not much of a surprise and is grotesquely indicative of how in sexual assault trials it is still really the victims who are on trial. In this case, the treatment of the three complainants shows this very clearly.

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3) Introducing the Calgary Police Service's "Diversity Unit" -- led by four middle-aged white guys!

Fun fact everyone -- The Calgary Police Service has a diversity unit!

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4) Toronto budget prioritizes policing -- Yet again

When it comes to the passage of John Tory's second "austerity-without-the Ford spectacle" budget of his term, there is a least the small silver lining that -- unlike in the farce of last year's near budget unanimity -- this time 9 Councillors voted against it.

33, however, voted for it.

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5) Soviet Storm -- An epic Russian TV documentary account of WWII in the East

In 2011, Russian television produced an epic documentary look at World War II in the East -- known to the Russians as the Great Patriotic War -- called Soviet Storm.

Consisting of 18 parts, Soviet Storm follows the titanic and brutal struggle between Hitler's genocidal Nazi invaders and the Red Army and people of the USSR. It details the disastrous start to the war, through to the siege of Leningrad and battle for Moscow, to the turning of the tide at Stalingrad and Kursk, to the drive to victory in Berlin. It even has episodes dealing specifically with the partisan struggle, the air war, naval war (yes, there was one), espionage and battles and fronts you have likely not heard of.

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6) In praise of the "social justice warrior"

Have you heard lately about some "social justice warrior" hysterically standing up against sexism, racism or some other oppression that a wide variety of people seem to think we should all be more polite and demure about opposing if we can be bothered to at all?

Well, of course you have. The term social justice warrior is the new version of the old "politically correct" canard. It has become pervasive.

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The top food post for the period was "12-Hour Slow Cooked Caribbean-Style Oxtail"

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