Sunday, March 13, 2016

America Beyond -- Bernie Sanders fights to make the "impossible" possible (with campaign video)

We have all heard it from politicians and governments -- even allegedly progressive ones -- countless times. They tell us that things like free university tuition, universal pharmacare or dental care, comprehensive anti-poverty programs and any number of other initiatives that would dramatically improve the lives of millions and millions of Americans and North Americans are "not possible"

We "can't afford it". It is not "realistic". It "will never happen". We have to "pragmatic".

In fact, at times, it seems our politics and our progressive politics is all about lowering expectations and limiting the possible.

Even though we can afford billions and billions to bail out Wall St. or finance wars and the military industrial complex, the money and governmental will to fund the initiatives that would transform our society for the better for everyone are somehow out of reach.

But part of what has made the Bernie Sanders campaign so electrifying is that he does not seem to accept that. He knows its not true.

One of his key platform planks is to make university tuition free for all Americans.

It can be done. And it has the power to change the futures of millions of people.

Sanders, again, is saying things that no one has been willing to say for a generation or more, and saying them in powerful, important and deeply moving ways.

America Beyond. A better future is possible.

“Being able to have a college education transformed my view of what I can be in this world. It shouldn't just be a small group of people who get access to that kind of experience. Every American, regardless of their income, should have access to a college education.” - Troy LaRaviere, Award-Winning Chicago School Principal

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