Thursday, September 17, 2015

1973's Hamburger and Champagne Cookbook w. Pick-A-Bone Soup, Beefsteak Pie & more: Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Hamburger and Champagne (Cooking on a budget)

Publication Details: Lindero Press 1973

Today we are looking at one of the more bizarre cookbooks I have come across, the Hamburger and Champagne cookbook published in California in 1973.

Everything about this one is odd. First, it has no author's name attached to it anywhere. It opens up with an anecdote apparently about the unknown author's son that is tied to the book's very first recipe.

The pocketbook format cookbook then goes on, in a very no frills, no pictures fashion to detail dozens of recipes, broken into sections like "soups", "salads" etc., with no apparent thematic cohesion and ranging from the very simple, to classic fare, to faux Chinese and Indian dishes, to bizarre dishes like the 1925 Overnight Salad below.

Despite its "Cooking on a budget" subtitle, it contains recipes for things like lobster and crab legs, and despite its Hamburger title, it does not appear to have recipes for hamburgers!

Still it has some interesting recipes and we are going to share a few of those here.

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