Friday, September 25, 2015

Ukrainian Cookery Recipes w. Borscht, Vareniki, Cabbage Rolls & more -- Vintage Cookbook

Vintage Cookbook: Ukrainian Cookery Recipes

Publication Details: Technika Publishers, Kiev USSR, 1980

This past weekend I went with my family to Toronto's Ukrainian Festival held annually on Bloor St. W.

While the stage acts (featuring many traditional Ukrainian dance numbers among other things) and vendors are terrific, so is the food! I had perogies, including a terrific jerk chicken variation, an amazing take on spring rolls that uses perogie style ingredients as the filling, excellent sausages and more.

Just the next day (serendipity!) while sorting through cookbooks at a local charity outlet -- I am a relentless collector -- Natalie and I came across a vintage Ukrainian cookbook from the Soviet era.

Published in 1980 in Kiev, this handy little guide opens with a short introduction to the cuisine generally and then goes on to look at a wide variety of classic dishes widely known to non-Ukrainians as well as some that are unusual -- including the truly spectacular and wild Transcarpathian Salad!

So enjoy a trip through some Ukrainian delights -- and be sure to catch next year's festival if you are in Toronto (or a similar one in a community near you!)

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I saw a variation of this recipe at the you can see here!

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