Thursday, June 29, 2017

Mouseland a Fable by Tommy Douglas -- The Comic

The great Tommy Douglas Canadian socialist parable 'Mouseland' told in comic format, 1979.

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Source: Ontario Labour May / June 1979, by the Canadian Region of the UAW

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  1. I love Mouseland, and think it's message is sorely needed these days, when some union leaders are falling over themselves to cozy up to the white cats. But let's please credit Clarence Gillis, the coal miner, union leader and CCF MP who first told the Mouseland story, even though Tommy Douglas played a huge role in popularizing it.

  2. Hi Michael,

    I don't suppose you have any copies of Mouseland for sale, eh? I'm not having much luck digging up a copy. The recent Alberta Advantage podcast put this back in my mind (

    1. Sorry I missed this comment. What type of copy of Mouseland were you looking for. I don;t have any for sale but might be able to help you find one.