Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Marie Curtis Park & Beach -- The Lakeside Parks of South Etobicoke IV

Marie Curtis Park lies right at the border of Mississauga on the banks of Etobicoke Creek.

It is an absolutely gorgeous park with  one of the best (and least known and used) beaches in the city. It has a very recently improved playground and splash pad and is a favourite destination for picnickers.

You will regularly see entire families celebrating birthdays and other occasions.

Bike paths and trails wind through it and a bridge connects it to a sister park on the Mississauga side.

It also has two waterfronts with the creek on the west and magnificent Lake Ontario on the south. The view of the lake from the park is fantastic and reminds one of just how huge it really is.

Lake Shore Blvd. borders it on the north side and it is literally just across the street from a Go Station and the Long Branch streetcar loop. There are plenty of nearby restaurants and cafes and, especially given that the beach will be half empty even on most summer weekend afternoons, it is well worth a trip out to spend an afternoon.

During summer days there are lifeguards on duty at both the beach and splash pad and the city monitors the water quality so you know if it is ok to go for a swim or a walk about in the lake.

Truly one of the best waterfront parks in Toronto.

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North End & Trail By Etobicoke Creek

Playground, Splash Pad and Middle of Park 

South End & Beach

Marie Curtis Park is located at Lake Shore Blvd. W. and 42nd St. It is at the very end of the 501 streetcar line, across and just down the street from the Long Branch Loop. It is also across the street from the Long Branch Go Station.

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