Sunday, September 4, 2016

8 Great Songs for Labour Day! Featuring Billy Bragg, Bruce Springsteen & more

Happy Labour Day!

Whatever way you will be celebrating it (perhaps at a march or rally) here is a playlist of eight great union/worker's songs to help to put you in the mood of the day!

Deportees - Paddy Reilly

Solidarity with immigrants everywhere. Borders were created simply to divide the world's people. They are the arbitrary instruments of violence, nationalism and oppression.

When you hear a politician talking the racist and anti-immigrant talk, remember this Woody Guthrie classic. This version shows the internationalism of its message sung by an Irish folk singer.

Talking Union - Pete Seeger (1941)

"If you wait for the bosses to raise your pay you will all be waiting for the Judgement Day"

We Rise Again - Anne Murray, Rita MacNeil & the Rankin Family

We will always rise again. No matter the odds. We will rise again.


Joe Hill - Bruce Springsteen

Joe Hill. American hero. Here The Boss does him justice.

Which Side Are You On? - Dropkick Murphys 

A great version of a union classic. Which side are you on? Because if you are voting for do-nothing "progressive" politicians or are celebrating Justin Trudeau or Hillary Clinton those lines may have become blurred in your mind.

Bread & Roses - Queen Cee

A stunning version of one of the great cries for justice and freedom ever sung or written.

Solidarity Forever - Utah Phillips

A moving rendition of the great classic. Solidarity Forever! The Union Makes Us Strong!

There is Power in a Union - Billy Bragg

Bragg's classic union anthem.


And a final song...we shall overcome, someday. Deep in my heart I do believe this and I hope you do too.


Solidarity Forever!

Workers of the World Unite!

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  1. The best Which side ar you on is by Rebel Diaz. You have all white people here. That's not very "Solidarity Forever, brothers and sisters."