Monday, September 26, 2016

Clay Baked Lamb Shoulder Chops with Potato and Onion

Last week I took a look at a cute and fun little cookbook originally from the 1970's called Mary Poppins in the Kitchen

The cookbook, whose premise was to portray a week in the culinary life of Poppins and the Banks children, featured a number of recipes primarily centred around traditional English fare.

In among the recipes was one for a simple Irish lamb stew. The cookbook called for the use of cubed lamb shoulder that would be placed among layers of onion and potato.

This recipe reminded me of a recipe I found from a Soviet era Ukrainian cookbook -- Ukrainian Cookery Recipes -- that I did a new and (in my opinion) improved take on, in the post Ukrainian "Scalloped Beef" Revisited.

In this case I also saw potential for a new take using lamb shoulder chops, which I love, but keeping them whole. I also really like making lamb in a clay baker as, with properly lengthy cooking times, the chops come out incredibly moist and delicious.

(If you want an introductory look at using a clay baker, I did one called The Simple Art of Clay Baking for one of my previous blogs.)

To begin, buy some fresh lamb shoulder chops. I used six for my dish. Take your lamb chops and season them liberally on both sides with finely chopped rosemary, salt, pepper and garlic powder. Let them sit out at room temperature while you soak your clay baker for the required 15 minutes by filling both halves of it with water.

Meanwhile, slice about 3 medium size onions into rings. Then slice up a few unpeeled potatoes into quarter inch slices as well. I used a combination of some smaller red and yellow ones.

Once you have emptied out the water, place a first layer of chops on the bottom of your clay baker. Most should fit three chops (or half of them in this case).

Top this with a layer of onion and potato slices. Season the onions and potato with some salt and pepper.

Then place another layer of the seasoned chops and a final layer of onion and potato, again seasoning the onion and potato with salt and pepper.

Once you have done this add enough cold water to fill up the baker right to around the midway point of the top onion and potato layer.

Put the top of the baker on and, as always place it into a COLD oven (you must never put a clay baker in a pre-heated oven). Turn the oven to 375 degrees and cook for 3 hours.

After three hours take out, uncover and let sit 5-10 minutes before serving.

Serve the chops topped with the onion and potatoes. The meat will fall apart with a fork and the onions and potatoes will be perfectly cooked and delicious.

Goes nicely with some rice or a garden salad and, of course, some red wine.


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