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Chatelaine Golden Anniversary Recipe Collection w. Tourtiere, Barmbrack, Plum Chutney, Granola Bread & more - Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: Chatelaine Golden Anniversary Recipe Collection, Kay Spicer editor

Publication Details: Chatelaine Magazine, 1978

1978 was the 50th anniversary year of the iconic Canadian magazine Chatelaine. As part of their celebrations of this the magazine released a relatively no-frills, softcover cookbook looking back at many of the recipes it had published over the years. 

What sets the cookbook apart slightly format wise is that as opposed to being organized by the type of dish (i.e. Mains, Desserts, Salads, etc...) it is organized by how the recipe falls within the context of magazine history. 

So, there is the "heritage collection" of classic dishes, the "most popular" recipes and then a section devoted to dishes for "today's palate". These sections are then subdivided by type. The book ends with some suggested menus from among the recipes provided such as what to make for a "Festive Company Dinner", "Children's Party", "Teen-Age Get Together" etc. 

With 250 recipes there are a lot of interesting dishes and, unlike many 70s cookbooks, for the most part the recipes hold up fairly well. A focus on many basics and sauces will also be helpful to those afraid of making such things as mayonnaise, gravy or English muffins at home. There are also some that use ingredients certainly less fashionable now such as pig's feet and chicken liver. 

We look at a variety of recipes here, including a take on how to make your very own frozen TV dinners! 

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