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July: Xenophobes, Olivia Chow, Eve Adams, Naheed Nenshi & more -- The month on The Left Chapter in review

July had, with vacations and so on, the least number of posts  for any month so far on The Left Chapter with 25 posts of various types. Despite this, however, it was our strongest month for views.

This month, as did June, had another record setter -- the post on the BC NDP's foreign worker meme had more hits than any other post in The Left Chapter's history and has remanded in the "Popular Posts" column everyday since it was posted on the 12th.

Here, in order, are the top five posts on The Left Chapter for the month of July:

1) BC NDP posts a meme about "foreign" workers -- Xenophobes show up in approval

There is a wing of the left -- and especially within the mainstream "social democratic" party, the NDP -- that thinks that the path to power is in part paved by pandering to what are traditionally right-wing populist narratives.

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2) Tom Mulcair holds a press conference...and, presto, Olivia Chow is the "official" NDP candidate

So a funny thing happened on the march to the New Jerusalem today.

Tom Mulcair and Olivia Chow held a news conference announcing that Chow was going to be the NDP candidate federally in the new riding of Spadina-Fort York and, guess what, she was, then, the candidate!

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3) Eve Adams shows that the Trudeau jig is up

One almost has to feel sorry for Eve Adams at the moment of her humiliating and ignominious defeat in her quest for the Liberal nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence -- a defeat that both shows the new weakness of the slowly tanking Liberal leader Trudeau and that would have been unthinkable a few short months ago.

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4) On Naheed Nenshi and the Importance of Revitalizing Candid Inquiry on the Left

By Carol-Anne Hudson

On 25 October 2010 Naheed Nenshi was elected Mayor of Calgary. His come-from-behind electoral win was, largely, the result of a populist rejection of the front runner and long-time city councillor Ric McIver who was thought to be out-of-touch with the city’s changing demographic landscape and considered by many as an abrasive, torpid, schismatic, and immovable extreme right-wing conservative. Aware of rising ‘Anyone But McInver’ sentiments, especially among young voters, Nenshi shrewdly crafted a public image of himself as an approachable, energetic, cosmopolitan, progressive social unifier and urban modernizer -- a ‘hero of the common people’ -- the antithesis of McIver.

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5) A brief note on cynicism and Canadian politics

The other day I received an email from Tom Mulcair, leader of the federal NDP.

Now, of course, it was not actually an email from him, but was, rather, one of those countless emails the NDP sends out weekly (and even daily) to those who are on its email contact list.

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The number one food post for the month of July was the nostalgic look back at Mme. Benoit looking back nostalgically -- Trout in Corn Husks, Pickled Mushrooms & other 19th Century Recipes from Madame Benoit

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