Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Slow Cooker Beef & Mushroom Chili

Today we are going to take a look at a dish that is easy and delicious -- a beef and mushroom chili done in a slow cooker.

Slow cookers are a great medium for preparing chili as it gives the chili's flavours time to blend. Many slow cookers also have a setting allowing you to keep the dish warm after it is done cooking, which is great for serving your chili. Also you can store the chili in the slow cooker's removable basin in the fridge and then use the cooker to reheat the chili the next day.

I find that the chili almost always actually tastes better the next day by the way!

To make this chili first you want to take 1-2 cups of mushrooms, slice them up, season to taste with salt and pepper, and saute them in extra virgin olive oil in a large saucepan for around 5 minutes at medium-high heat.

First add sauteed mushrooms
Put the sauteed mushrooms into the cooker.

Then take 2 pounds of ground beef and brown it in the same pan. As it is browning add one packet of chili seasoning and one packet of taco seasoning. Chili and taco seasoning blends of various types and brands are widely available at North American grocery stores.

After the beef is browned add it to the slow cooker as well.

Then add all of the following ingredients:

Add browned and seasoned ground beef

2 large undrained cans (796 ml./28 oz.) of diced tomatoes  (use one pre-seasoned with herbs and spices if available)
1 large can (796 ml./28 oz) of red kidney beans -- drain and rinse the beans before adding
1 drained jar of green olives (or 1-2 cups of fresh olives)
1 drained can (12 oz./341 ml.) of whole kernel corn
1 jar of jalapenos (optional -- if making for kids or folks who don't like it hot you can serve with jalapenos on the side)
2 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce
salt and pepper to taste

Blend all of these ingredients thoroughly and cook on the low setting for 4-6 hours.

After a few hours you can taste and add more salt and pepper as needed.

Serve with extra jalapenos, hot sauce, sour cream, shredded old cheddar cheese and tortilla chips on the side for toppings.

And with ice cold beer of course!

Leftovers should be stirred up again and reheated on low for around 1-2 hours. Leftover chili tastes really great and one of the best aspects to making a big chili is that it can be a great lunch or dinner the next day.

I will be sharing several different chili recipes of one type or another in the coming months -- but this one could not be any easier to prepare and tastes great.


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