Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lake of Bays Brewery combines beer, football and a good cause with its Pigskin Pilsner

 Lake of Bays Brewing Company is an Ontario craft brewery based out of Baysville in the province's Muskoka region.

They have a number of beers worth checking out, including their Crosswind Pale Ale and their Rock Cut Lager which are both terrific.

Recently the brewery released a limited time only pilsner that combines three of my favourite things -- beer (of course), football and a good cause.

Their Pigskin Pilsner, which comes in a spectacular 1.89 litre jug, is a really good beer that also sees a portion of its sales going to the Canadian Football League Alumni Association (CFLAA).

The CFLAA has as its mission uniting former CFL players in support of:
-sport, youth, and health-related and charitable causes;
-former CFL players experiencing a medical challenge that creates a financial hardship; and
-promoting football in the community
Given that many CFL players spent their carriers in the league earning far less than their NFL counterparts, this assistance, as well as the work they do in the broader community, is often I am sure greatly needed.

The pilsner itself has all the complex flavour you expect of a craft brew, but is also very smooth and has a lighter taste that makes it easy to drink and that pairs it well with any of the assorted fare you might want to have while watching a CFL (or Blue Jays playoff) game -- from chips and pretzels to pizza and chili.

At $15.95 (in Ontario) it is nicely priced for the size. Be sure to pick one up before they are gone! It is, apparently, available nationwide.

In Ontario it is available at the LCBO.

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