Thursday, October 1, 2015

September: Racist memes, NDP credit cards, stuck in the 90's & more -- The month on The Left Chapter in review

Seen this meme? Well it is total bullshit! 
September saw 32 posts of various types on The Left Chapter.

One of those posts -- on the false and racist Ontario niqab driver's licence meme that has been circulating around the internet -- obliterated all our past hit records and unexpectedly got tens-of-thousands of hits and hundreds of "shares".

It was nice to see so many on social media try to expose what is an appallingly bigoted lie meant to help perpetuate a dog-whistle and ignorant xenophobic agenda.

All around, however, September saw many posts that struck a nerve, so without any further ado here are the top five posts in terms of hits for the month.

1) Stop sharing the false -- and racist -- Ontario niqab driver's licence meme

Have you seen this meme circulating around Facebook and the internet the last few days?

It purports to show a woman on an Ontario driver's licence  wearing the niqab -- a religious headdress a very small number of Islamic women in Canada wear and that is being shamefully used by some politicians as a dog-whistle in the current federal election.

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2) The NDP's phony “credit card” analogy: a neoliberal conception of the public household

By Matt Fodor

In an attempt to shore up the NDP’s fiscal credibility, Tom Mulcair recruited Andrew Thomson, the fiscally conservative finance minister that served in the NDP provincial government of Lorne Calvert in Saskatchewan.

Thomson is running in the affluent Toronto riding of Eglinton-Lawrence against Finance Minister Joe Oliver.  While the NDP has virtually no chance of winning this Liberal-Conservative battleground riding (it is one of the weakest ridings for the NDP in Ontario), Thomson has become Mulcair’s point man in articulating economic policy.

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3) It appears the NDP strategists are stuck in the 90’s – again

by Fraser Needham

As NDP strategists mull over the polls this weekend and try to figure out why their shift to the right of the Liberals on the issue of balanced budgets and deficit financing doesn’t seem to be playing out as they hoped in Ontario, they might be wise to take some time out and do a little research on the British Labour Party leadership election.

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4) Playing the progressive card -- Trudeau's cynical, but clever, "left shift"

Stephen Harper has no plan to grow our economy and no plan to help the middle class, so he's spending your money trying to convince you that I'm not ready.

Here's what I'm not ready for.

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5) The follies of the NDP running a right wing populist campaign

by Fraser Needham

Up until a few weeks ago, it looked like the NDP had a pretty good shot at winning the 2015 election and forming its first national government.

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The number one food post for the month was Ukrainian Cookery Recipes w. Borscht, Vareniki, Cabbage Rolls & more -- Vintage Cookbook

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