Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stopping the leprechauns and other follies from week ten of the 2015 election -- A Left Chapter round-up

This is the tenth and final installment of our weekly election round-up of the inane, bizarre, humorous and unusually facile in the great show that is mainstream bourgeois politics in the EPIC election of 2015.

1) This photo!

Could a picture more perfectly embody the ugliness of an entire campaign? Is this a cheap shot? Perhaps...but far less of a cheap shot than those Duceppe has taken by trying to reestablish his party in parliament via dog-whistle politics and on the backs of vilifying women from a racialized and marginalized community.

2) If re-elected I will also make sure leprechauns are not allowed to roam down the streets of Ottawa anymore either. 

I can be stopped...but not if you vote Liberal or NDP.
So...the election is not going as well as planned and our venerable Prime Minister needs something to get certain "old stock" Canadians all worked up about. What better than musing about banning all those nefarious niqab wearing women who have infiltrated our public sector and are destroying openness in Canada by providing services to Canadians and doing their jobs while wearing their chosen religious headdress.

This seems worthwhile right? Because we all know how liberating it would be for these women to be forced to either lose their employment or abandon a strongly held belief under government compulsion.

And how many women would the Great Crusader emancipate by taking away their livelihood? Apparently none as their seem to be no public sector workers who wear a niqab.

But, when you need a dead cat, facts mean nothing and considering a ban of a non-existent "problem" makes perfect sense. 

3) He is French. That seems treasonous in-and-of-itself.

Here Conservative mastermind Brad Butt explains that they are NOT talking about taking away anyone's citizenship because anyone whose citizenship they did take away would still be a citizen of another country. Right? Get it. Even though their Canadian citizenship would be taken away, the government would not be taking away people's citizenship.

Roll that one around your head a few more times.

Oh...and by the way...did you know Tom Mulcair is also French! As in a citizen of France? How does this matter? Watch the video and this moron will fill you in.

4) To dream the far less than impossible dream.

We are on the verge of the New Jerusalem!
And by "on the verge" I mean further away than ever.
NDP releases very modest election plan that aims to achieve not much of anything. Calls this plan "Building the country of our dreams". 

Not sure anything more needs to be said about this one. 

5) Rules...who cares about the rules? The point is to make it has hard as possible to vote! 

Elections Canada: Making it as hard as possible for you to do this. 

You would think that the folks working at the polling stations for Elections Canada would actually know the rules about what is required to vote. I mean, they have been trained, right? And, some things, such as the fact the you do NOT need photo ID to vote are pretty basic.

Well...apparently not, as one Saskatoon woman discovered when she went to cast her ballot. She was immediately asked if she had brought photo ID. And apparently she is far from the only person who has been incorrectly told that this was required.

Perhaps an inevitable result of a paranoid new election law that aims to stamp out completely non-existent and fictional election fraud. 

Thus ends our final installment looking at the Grand Farce. At this time next week it will all be over...at long last.

Thanks to everyone for all their tips. This feature has been enough fun and gotten enough positive feedback that a new broader continuing look at the inanity of politics both here and abroad may be making a return in the near future!

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