Thursday, October 15, 2015

McCall's Casserole Cookbook w. Beef Pie, Boston Baked Beans, Lamb Moussaka & more -- Vintage Cookbook TBT

Vintage Cookbook: McCall's Casserole Cookbook (illustrations by Joyce Mazur Slan 

Publication Details: Advance Publishers, 1965

This week's installment looks at a cookbook that reflects the good, the bad and the very bad of its time almost in equal measure.

McCall's Casserole Cookbook is full of many classic, timeless recipes for casseroles and savory pies. Some of these never go out of style and are especially great at this time of year as they are often the ultimate comfort food and some of the best of North American home cooking.

Others are hilariously dated. While "Hot-Dog-And-Macaroni Casserole" and "Hot-Dog-And-Eggplant Casserole' spring to mind, four recipes that we have included here are, believe it or not, even less appetizing!

But the rest are terrific and with many, many recipes we have not included as well as entire sections devoted to casserole bread making and dessert casseroles, among other things, this one is well worth seeking out.

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Two solid recipes and then...."Luncheon-Meat Casserole"!!!

All these are...ummm..."special". The thought of Tongue Casserole is, well...

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