Friday, May 1, 2015

5 Great Songs for International Workers' Day! Featuring Paul Robeson, Billy Bragg, The Red Army Choir & more

Happy International Workers' Day!

Happy International Workers' Day!

Whatever way you will be celebrating it (perhaps at a march or rally) here is a playlist of five great revolutionary songs to help to put you in the mood of the day!

The Incomparable Paul Robeson sings "Joe Hill"


The great song about the murdered American IWW hero, Joe Hill, sung by another American hero, the towering performer and Communist Paul Robeson.

The Red Flag - Billy Bragg

As hard as it is to believe now, Labour Party MPs in the UK used to sing this from time-to-time in parliament!  Here the iconic British socialist singer Billy Bragg covers it.

The Red Army Choir Sings "La Marseillaise"! 

It may be the French National Anthem...but it is also one of the great revolutionary songs! Here the USSR's Red Army Choir do a rousing rendition.

"Do You Hear the People Sing" from Les Miserables 

Yes -- I know -- it is from a musical. But I love musicals, and this is every bit as rousing as many "legitimate" revolutionary

Alistair Hulett and Jimmy Gregory sing "The Internationale"

This particular version is so beautiful -- so stirring -- that it surely ranks as one of the great performances of this greatest of all worker's classics ever.

Happy May Day!

Workers of the World Unite!

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