Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Men's Rights" group CAFE is trying to march in Pride Toronto: You can help stop them!

UPDATE:  From the Daily Extra: "In a decision released June 10, Paul Bent, an arbitrator appointed by Pride Toronto, wrote that after reviewing numerous complaints regarding the Canadian Association for Equality’s (CAFE) intention to participate in the parade, he had decided to revoke CAFE’s permit...

...In a written statement, Pride Toronto says that it takes all complaints very seriously and respects the result of the dispute resolution process. “This decision, based on a thorough reflection of all views, will prevent CAFE from participating in the 2015 Pride parade and all future parades and events organized by Pride Toronto.”

The Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE), Canada's most prominent "men's rights" group is trying, again, to march in Toronto's annual Pride parade.

CAFE, as I noted just a few days ago in Dan Perrins, CAFE & Canada's Men's Rights movement, despite its attempts to claim otherwise, is rather openly associated with extremists like Perrins and the American misogynist hate site, A Voice for Men.

Natalie Lochwin and I, among many others, have written about CAFE, the Canadian Men's Rights Movement and A Voice for Men repeatedly in the past. Here are links to some of those articles:

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Guess what's coming to U of T: The Men's Rights Movement, Janice Fiamengo and Paul Elam

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A wide variety of other links can be found on the website here: Anti-MRA Links & Resources

Last year, entirely justly, CAFE was barred from marching in World Pride, though they disrespectfully then tried to anyway.

Pride Toronto executive director Mathieu Chantelois stated that “I’m not too familiar with the work that [CAFE does], but obviously if there is some concern by anybody in the community we will take them extremely seriously.”

Which is fair enough -- so now it is time to make him familiar!

You can contact Pride Toronto by phone at  416-927-7433 or email at to find out how to "make a confidential complaint through Pride Toronto’s dispute resolution process."

UPDATE: Pride Toronto has issued the following statement:
"Pride Toronto has received numerous complaints about the Canadian Association for Equality (CAFE) regarding their application to march in this year’s Pride Parade and we would like to thank everyone for providing their feedback and concerns.

Pride Toronto takes these complaints very seriously and our Dispute Resolution Process has now been activated to look into this matter thoroughly and promptly. To respect the impartiality of this process, Pride Toronto will not be making any comments until the arbitrator makes a decision shortly.

The Board and the staff are confident in our Dispute Resolution Process, and, as an organization, we are committed to remain fair while treating everyone with respect."

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