Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Stephen Harper's Mom's Bran Muffin Recipe

You never know what you will come across flipping through vintage cookbooks and magazines -- a pastime I share with my partner Natalie.

Today as she was leafing through an old recipe supplement to The  Etobicoke Guardian (a local newspaper in this Toronto suburb) from 1979 she made quite the find.

Now, while many identify our Prime Minister with the province of Alberta, he actually grew up on Princess Anne Cres. in Islington, a neighbourhood in Etobicoke.

And his mother, it would seem, had a noteworthy recipe for bran muffins that we have discovered again all these years later.

The addition of apricot jam seems, actually, like a really delicious idea! Note the two sugar mix as well.

At any rate, without any further ado, here is a recipe for bran muffins from our Prime Minister's mom.

Cookbook '79 from the Etobcioke Guardian

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