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Black Lives Matter, Canada Post, Tory Austerity & more -- June and July on The Left Chapter in review

June and July saw 43 posts of various kinds on The Left Chapter.

Overall the numbers were the strongest of any two month period for the blog so far and many of the articles that did not make this round-up's list would have easily made those of a few months or a year ago.

In fact, Black Lives Matter is right -- The police are the oppressor was our most read piece so far this year and among the top three in The Left Chapter history!

Thanks to all our readers and contributors.

Here are the top seven posts in terms of hits:

1) Black Lives Matter is right -- The police are the oppressor

You know, it is always appalling to see some oblivious white idiot walking around with the horrifically racist Cleveland Indians logo on their chest or on some sign of some kind.

I did not see this specific idiot in the picture, but saw another entitled white idiot, strolling down the platform of the Go Station after a Jays-Indians game this year with this disgraceful caricature on the front of her jersey.

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2) Canada Post's 'problems' are driven by the neo-liberal assault on public services

The "problems" facing Canada Post are entirely ideological.

Canada's politicians and media have bought into a long-term project driven by right-wing notions of society and the economy that seeks to re-frame public services as "businesses" that should be run "efficiently" along the lines allegedly followed by the private sector.

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3) Full austerity jacket -- The gloves come off in Tory's Toronto

With Toronto City Council's reaffirmation of its commitment to the staggeringly wasteful $3.2 billion one-stop Scarborough subway extension while also backing Mayor John Tory's plan to force all city departments and agencies to slash 2.6% in spending, the gloves have truly come off in Tory's austerity Toronto.

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4) You cannot 'discriminate' against the police. They are agents of discrimination.

One of the most depressing realities to be made clear by the entire backlash to the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest at the Toronto Pride Parade this past weekend is just how many white people are simply clueless as to the continuing day-to-day actuality of systemic racism in our society.

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5) The new TTC youth fare rules are a revolting attack on children

The TTC and its sad Toronto City Councillor overlords have come up with a brilliant idea -- children as young as 6 will need to have cards to get free transit, children between 10 and 12 will have to have photo ID that they will have to pay for to ride for "free" and adolescents will have to display ID, even when they are OBVIOUSLY teenagers, to get a measly dollar off the fare.

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6) Rejecting the lesser evil -- Why you should not buy into mainstream narratives about voting

As the upstart and surprising Bernie Sanders campaign appears, sadly, to have lost to corporate Democrat Hillary Clinton (who I have noted in the past in anything but a left candidate), the calls for leftists and progressives in the United States to rally around her Presidential candidacy to "stop Trump" are getting louder and louder.

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7) The Blairites and NDP leadership share the same contempt for their party members

By Jesse Zimmerman

Across the Pond...

The past few weeks have been, to say the very least, intense in the UK.  As most of us know, following the Brexit vote, Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has been facing a challenge against his leadership by key Members of Parliament, blaming Corbyn for the result of the EU referendum.  This is absurd, and it has been demonstrated that Corbyn is not responsible for the LEAVE vote winning.  Of course, for Blairites and New Labour, facts have never mattered.

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Although published prior to the period the post Strongest?: Teaching Children About the Power of the People - A Vintage Soviet Children's Story got so many hits in June due to a reddit thread that it would have been second on this list had it been posted in June! It gets an honourable mention instead.

This month's top "food" post overall, and one of the most read we have ever published, was The beers of Muskoka Brewery -- Canada's first 'living wage' brewery, while the top food post that was specifically a recipe was BBQed Rainbow Trout with Herbs-de-Provence & Garlic Butter.

Do you have a left point-of-view or opinion, a recipe or a story you want to share?

Send them to The Left Chapter via theleftchapter@outlook.com!

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